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Angel lost; fell through stone
Blood and clay far from home.
Fell to earth through stormy waters,
Rebirthed in water, Leviathan’s daughter.

A million years, a thousand stars,
Dismissed from heaven at the eleventh hour.
A portal of slaughter or man’s salvation,
Demon hunger, a sacrament waiting.

Blood red flesh
Bound as one.
Blood is truth
Under a sun.

A Messenger spoke of truth or dare
Told the tale to those with no fear.
In chambers deep with no rebirth,
Secrets kept by G-d on earth.

A magic hill,
A golden tomb
Forever hidden,
Mankind’s doom.
Beauty stirred
Within a thought,
A test of time,
Battles fought.
Love was lost,
Grail diluted.
A story done
But never ended.

Time is endless
Existence not.
A waking serpent,
A fire to stoke.
A dark knight waiting,
The church’s curse.

Turn around
Turn around
My little child.
Water is wet
Wind is wild.
Those we shall meet
And meet again,
Brothers, Sisters,
Lovers. Friends.

Within a season
Within a time
A purpose known
Yet living a lie.

Stoke the embers
Raise the flame,
Time has come
And come again.
Cycles repeat
And repeat once more,
We are born to death,
Few reborn.
Dark waters spilled
Under a dome,
Within a thought
Dark beauty sought.

Ice and fire
Carry the key.
A sinking land
Those we have loved,
We will love again
As ‘we’ carry the Flame
Again and again.


The Keeper of Scrolls Feb 2019


I looked for love but there was no one there                                  

I plucked an Angel from the midnight air

All my words were lost in time

Trapped in a world without a rhyme

In the starry night I felt battered and torn

I searched for a reason for being born

Over and over and alone I cried

Tossed on the winds of fate I died

Can a thousand good deeds ever right wrongs

Will this world ever know the Song of Songs?

When the spoken word is spoken no more

Will the tides of blood still kiss the shore?

I was lost in a place that was out of time

I was out of sync with human kind

I saw my gods but did they see me

If I imagined them did they imagine me?

Does a kiss on the lips from another soul

Or a heart felt hug make one whole?

Wishes and dreams and starry illusions

Are all very well yet lead to confusion

I travelled far and I travelled wide

The Angel was constantly at my side

He told me the truth of my fate and my rhyme

And he taught me how to decipher time

Too many questions I had to ask

I couldn’t keep silent, hated the farce

In the dark of the night, in the cold light of day

My Angel constantly showed me the way.

He told me the truth of the rhyme and the nine

He gave me the code to the sphere of time

I saw him drink from the chalice of blood

I knew what he wanted, I gave it with love.

I began to fly, I caught the winds

Took control of my breath, learnt from my sins

As each dawn is new and each darkness fresh

My Angel gave me eternal bliss.

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