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As history and truth unravel
And the human mind finally sees
No more we will wander the shores
No longer live in dreams

The oldest story written
Is joy to the listening ear
The blinded eyes will see
As the days of old come clear

On saddled shores, the Watchers
Have waited for mankind’s shift
Yet only a few ever made it
The rest will cease to exist

Mankind always had the chances
To rise above ego and greed
Yet took the easy way out
Never considered the planet’s needs

But everything comes home to haunt one
All misdeeds come home to roost
The Observers can only watch us
Time and tide is the judge of all

A dead planet is no good to no-one
Just look at Mars to agree
To travel afar is an answer
But sadly, only in dreams

We are bound to the truth of our actions
We are tied to this planet of time
Yet new realms beckon and call us
Vibrations calling us home

If you get it, you know where I’m going
If you don’t, well you never will
We can learn to challenge illusion
To escape the earthly veil

We are more than this human vessel
We are more than the mundane world
For it’s all been a great expectation
One that we spectacularly failed

Go dream from an outside perspective
Remember that time is manmade
Step away from the ties that bind you
Say no to religion and power

At the end of the day we are mortal
These skins that we wear will not last
We are trapped in lower vibrations
Never heeded the words of the past

Yet we can live again and can travel
Can be guided by shinning lights
We can journey afar to new realms
Can live without day or night

Another existence is out there
A holder of keys you can be
But first you must unlock this door
To see all you can truly see

As history and truth unravel
And the human mind finally sees
No more we will wander the shores
No longer live in dreams


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‘The Keeper of Scrolls’  April 2018

Maybe the words were never written in the sands
But hidden in plain sight for all to see
Recorded and enscribed in stone
For future generations to decode

The truths of life have always been displayed
Dealt out to us by that giant hand whom deals our fate
Turn over just one card for destinies big reveal
Or leave the cards face down; fate unknown

The Old Ones have left the clues
Have entrusted truths in safe hands
Secrets kept by those whom walk the path
Yet truth often bound in myth, is never beautiful

The vast libraries of ancient words
Depict a past untold
Foretell of a future unwritten
Words to heed

False trails laid by a false church and crown
Dead ends and smoke screens
Laws and taxation to control the masses
Barbed words and lies become the norm, the truth obscurer

Why then walk in darkness?
Why wear the hoodwink?
Why accept the ropes tied tight?
Why live without honour, why abandon truth?

Mankind, born from darkness and into darkness sinks
Born blind to live blind
The words of The Messenger ring hollow
Truth found at last, revealed in the darkness of the dying breath

It always was a prison planet, god fodder no less
Free-will, free-choice, but an illusion
Ego-derived lives give fuel to the giant illusion
Crushing the giant awakening in its tracks

Yet words can be re-written, the hand of fate slighted
The many become the few, the chains can break
The words are there, the truth is there, hidden under the rock of lies
The candle in the darkness sees all


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‘The Keeper of Scrolls’ April 2018


We are very pleased to announce the publication of the complete Templar practices in the form of


This a series of four very comprehensive books that allows the student/reader to have complete access to the Knight Templar self installations and preceptory teachings as taught in Preceptory, up to the 42nd degree.

The information contained within the pages of these very informative books has only recently been available to the general public though many authors down the years have attempted to gain insight into our teachings and ways, but only now has the true knowledge come to light to be enjoyed by those whom seek. These books are full of interesting and fascinating wisdom, knowledge and facts, including many magical practices that the aspiring reader can learn for themselves at home.


“I am personally very honoured and happy to have been a big part in the creation of these books and spent many a night happily burning away at the midnight oil, studiously compiling, editing and revamping the teachings and wisdom of my tutor in order to create these works. The Knights Bible, all four books are now available on Amazon”



THE KNIGHTS BIBLE: ALPHA. Before any student can begin to practice this art, there must be a degree of understanding. It is important not to confuse the following of the Templar Practices in this book with other registered or recognised groups. Although such groups may have a place in Craft, they tend to rely purely on copied or misinterpreted scripture. The elders of this path have, in their travels met and heard of various individuals whom profess to be of a sacred order or even to be at the state of a High Priest and on a many local levels, there are people that profess to being of sacred orders, placing themselves in groups of teaching and then spend endless hours reading from others published work to pass on to their groups. Sadly, in reality most of these infidels are nothing more than seekers, hoping that on the basis of their made-up, stolen, and purely out of context paths and assumptions, they will meet the right people in the right place at the right time to steal their knowledge. The only difference being that they will, on this occasion steal from a person directly rather than steal the information from books.


THE KNIGHTS BIBLE: MU.  That you redeem yourself from the society that you know, to explore the path of the many; to seek the truth. We have often wondered as to people’s religious belief system. Take a moment to consider what you actually believe in. Do you believe in a supreme being? Do you believe in God? Or perhaps you believe in another? You could ponder on that thought and consider a realm of possibilities, or maybe just read on a while longer and let us explore further, the meaning


THE KNIGHTS BIBLE: SANA. The Knight Preceptory exists to teach candidates up to a certain level – it is not a dark (or left) path. It teaches the Black Flame Lit, as the aspects of creation. We feel it is imperative to teach the levels that those whom may seek to attack would use. The Knight Preceptory operates to heighten awareness of Mary Magdalene in the role of spiritual teachings.


THE KNIGHTS BIBLE: OMEGA.  I am Love. I am Light. I am Peace. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the Master of Ascension at this time, In the presence of the Divinity and Infinity. And So It Is.


“Seek and ye shall find”





I danced with death and I dined on souls

Drank the blood of many a good man.

I laughed with the Lords, made merry with the Ladies

As my years on the planet grew many.

As time and tide slipped quietly by, I saw governments rise and fall.

I saw the comings and goings of many a good King, but I kept me quiet and I kept me hidden and played by the rules? Not I…

I had fun with the fairest, drank deep from the wicked,

I slept under the trees and stars.

My home is where my feet touch the ground, my abode is wherever I am.

I cannot be reasoned; I cannot be fathomed;

Only a few shall know my name; only a few shall dance my dance, ever have the chance to know.

I am the first and I am the last; the rise and the fall, the magician and fool in one.

Let me know you and I’ll let you know me,

But find me first if you can.

And when you’ve found me; pray look again

For I am not who you think I am; I am not where i’m meant to be.

Many have sought me, though few have found me

But of course, I have always known you.

I know your deeds and I know your sins.

I was there at your birth and your death.

I have walked this earth right by your side.

I have heard your cries in battles of old.

I have tasted your blood on my lips.

I have cast my thread around the world to catch me a goodly feast;

The souls of man, the blood of man; always my sacred way.

You know not I; I know you well, for I walk in your dreams every night.

To those who can ‘see’, I will show the way.

But for those who cannot-who cares?

I dwell between the earth and the sky

On the firmament of earthly dreams.

You are never alone; I am always here.

I have been here from the very start.

I am here in this moment in your earth- bound life

And I shall be here until you die.

But I won’t give a dam for I am well beyond that.

I won’t weep on the day that you die.

For I know the truth and I know the lies and I know what is meant to be.

I can ride the tides across all times, for I know where I’m meant to be.

I can see you but can you see me?

Whisper my name and I’ll know,

But I won’t run to you; I will watch and I’ll wait for that moment of perfect time,

When you come to me with a pureness of heart and a mind that’s willing to fly.

Then I will open the doors that are bound so tight, then I will give you the sacred key.

So go sleep the sleep of the innocent lamb but be aware of the wolves nearby.

If you find me and I find you too, we can ride on the waves of time.

I will show you the way and show you the glory,

I will show you the truth of your birth.

But open your heart and open your mind; prove to be good and true.

The ways of the blood are the only way, the only way to be.

Do you catch my drift, do you catch my thread, dare you be who you’re meant to be?

But my children be swift in your very deed, for your time is running out; your fate has already sealed.

So on Destiny’s Hill I will await, I will whisper your name on the winds.

When the rivers flow red and the lamps go out; when the chariots are all aligned;

You will thus know me as I am meant to be, the Walvbane; shepherd and slayer in one;

But by then my friends it will be too late, for the trumpets will have already been heard.

You sealed your fate to your neon gods as you walked away from me,

But fear not the night my goodly souls, you won’t feel a fucking dam thing.

For I dance with death as the tide rides high as your souls I so gladly take.

Your fate I sealed at your time of birth; all swept away on the tides of blood, your chances came and went.

I am the One; I am the All

The first and the last, don’t you see?

I will kiss your lips with the bloodied rose, let you revel in my embrace.

We will dance till dawn, we can dance as one, we can tango the night away.

Then sweet sounds I will sing, as I lullaby you home and you dance to the tune of your death.

I shall soothe you home through day and night, to the end of your human fate.

It’s all been a laugh, it’s all been a scam, it’s all been a deadly game.

Most of you will never know and those that do aren’t telling.

If you fuck with me, I’ll fuck with you, as I raise my glass and empty the vessel, to a wondrous future foretold.

I am the Lord, I am the Light

Come dance, come follow me.



moonwillow/adueni 2016

‘The Keeper of Scrolls’


“Solve my riddle if you dare…..”


New Year Invite


More to follow……..

You can of course now read the whole story over on my ‘Midknights Tellings’ site….


Whether we realise it or not, most of us who are reading this do live a fairly good life; we have our daily ups and downs for sure, many of us struggle with health or finances, yet we are able to face our challenges head on as we move forwards in life. Life may not be easy for us, yet it is through our daily challenges that we learn, evolve and grow as people; we learn from life itself; indeed life is continually our ‘go to’ teacher – our learning curve. Our lives are not at all bad really; we do make the time to do the things we love and to surround ourselves with those we love and hold dear. We all work hard yet we still find time for relaxation; we have a choice.

After spending an amazing weekend recently listening to some of the very best musicians,  singers and performers in the world, I felt very happy and very privileged indeed to have the choice to be able to do this. But how can one continue to feel happy amidst all the turmoil and crisis of the world? How can one even consider personal happiness and dwell on such seemingly shallow subjects as ones image and personal appearance, when in other parts of the world innocent children are being blown to smithereens and beautiful creatures are being hacked or tortured to death because various parts of their bodies are farmed by humans for profit?

What of the world of war then – is not war just another ‘stage-managed profit project’ by those in the world with ‘other’ hidden agendas? How many times have we heard the phrase ‘the war to end all wars’?  Yet that never happens and it never will be the war to end all wars, while there is big money involved with one country selling weapons to another country and people behind the curtain forever pulling the strings. One has to ask who really are the ‘good guys’ and who are the ‘bad guys’? The answer if one is savvy enough to delve and to look behind the riddles given is not what one might expect at all….

Go ask yourselves what is the difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist? Ask yourselves who writes the history books and why and from whose perspective? Known perceptions become deceptions if we turn everything on its head; but thankfully the doors of perception are changing and blinded eyes are now opening. People are beginning to ask loaded questions. Nothing is ever what it seems in this world, yet once the code is cracked the ways of the world start to make more sense and the jigsaw starts to fall into place; we need to look through the smoke and mirrors to see what’s really going on and who is actually pulling the puppet strings.  The thing is, not to be a sheep, get out of the field, be your own person and question everything put before you; lift the veil and really see.

We in the uk can still do this; we still have a choice and can still look down into the depths of the rabbit hole, we can do our own research, look behind the news, behind the media and question it all. As I said the good guys may turn out to be the bad guys and the bad guys knew the truths all along….. If only our eyes were opened.

So what has all this do with my amazing, healing and invigorating musical weekend? Well I was thinking that those of us who are able to find enjoyment and pleasure from our lives – we do need to harvest and harness those fantastic feelings and wonderful energies to use them to good intent within this world; to spread the truths, to educate, to use our energies as a healing, magical process on ourselves so that we can offer up help, truth and healing to the universe for the good of others, yet also on a practical level we need to use our energies to make others aware; to work towards the truths, spread the truths so to wake up the population to what’s really going on in the world and why; wake up to the hidden agendas and to the stage management of events around the globe and to share, share, share.

It’s all about being a warrior; an Ansar walking upon the sphere of time, whether in spiritual or practical mode we all need to keep on fighting, to use our personal inner resources and energies to teach and educate. Luckily, in my life I know plenty of people who are trying to make a difference and who have looked into the mirror of illusion and found it to be very cracked and grubby indeed. Just refuse to be fooled by the media or by what those in power and authority would have us believe; always seek answers and forever search out the truths for yourselves – its time to choose which colour pill to take, for it’s there in your free choice that your destiny awaits….

Coming up to the end of 2014 I am compelled to add another comment; ask another question: true freedom or a fabricated illusion? Only if you understand the question will you also know the answer….

Is life through the mirror always what it seems.....?

A Warrior; always questing upon the sphere of time.

Sharing and teaching the truths to those who are open to receive.

August 2014

Into darkness I will fade Prophesy of the Horn
Into a night that man has made
but through that gloom shall gleam the sun
When I am lost; and again am won.

Release! Release! I call to thee
In new lands across the sea
Let another, on narrow pathways, come to me.
Furthest and Highest, yet not beyond reach.
Choose thou well a path that will teach:
How the sunken is raised and emptiness is filled
And a wandering heart can finally be stilled.

Seek the Great Stone! Mark it well, with a sign
And those who see it shall know it is mine
And seeing shall ponder and certainly know
As the Ancients have writ “As above, so Below

And I shall guard the source of Greatness
Waiting by a teardrop
From neither joy nor sorrow born
In silver bound, Beneath the ground,
I am the Spiral Horn.

( a very old, stunningly beautiful and emotional piece of writing that contains many deep truths)

“In truth we Live, In life we Reveal”

As we all know very well, life has a way of always going forwards with hopefully us with it, and of course what is meant to be surely will be. We as individuals do need to constantly move forward regardless of whatever else is going on around us, especially within the lives of others. In order to tread the universal foothills in search of knowledge we have to be very aware of the pitfalls that stem from the everyday lives of others, pitfalls that only serve to hold us back, imprisoning us in the mundane. For at the end of the day we are all living our own very special and individual lives and not the lives of anybody else. Life is a gift upon a true path of learning and to waste it would surely be improper. Do not let the ups and downs of the world or the problems of others around you, mar your own view of life, do not let the misfortunes of others cloud your visions, for by doing so you are wasting away your own precious gift, a gift too precious to measure. We all have our unique paths of destiny to complete; we all have our own journeys to walk and to stand still upon the shores of time is not what we were created for.

Humans are individuals, originally created with a purpose to their ‘gods’, yet some (known as ‘traits’) were gifted with a far higher purpose and with tutouring and teaching have the potential to evolve above and beyond the plan intended for non traits. The world, the universe can become a greater place of learning and knowledge of the true old ways. And thus in time we, as traits,  will learn where we came from, whom we really are and how we evolved and can evolve; this is a great gift of truth in itself. Those with sight and insight know this, are aware of what is around them. They know how to use their gifts while those that ‘just are’ will always ‘just be’; forever in the dark without even being aware of this very fact. Many humans are in prison but have no idea of this fact.

So then, strive upwards upon the ladder towards the ‘stars’ for it is there that the truths of our ancestors are to be found. The earthly plain is home for just a very short cycle and as we know all cycles must begin and then end, but with the final end cycle fast approaching we know that we can thus make way for a brand new beginning. It is well known that all new beginnings must first have an ending – so as to complete the cycle. Those who learn, who do not stand still in time, those who evolve above and beyond their perceived humanity into a future of truths and revelations will surely be a part of the new cycle; a new dawn to be fully embraced by those who dare step over the threshold. It is a challenge, it is a big dare and in reality only a few will take this final step and rise like a phoenix from out of the flames of chaos.

There are those around who can open the doors, who can lead those with insight, perception and hidden gifts into a future unknown previously by most, but the few can become the many for those of The Way. Great truths require great leaders, needing  those who dare to tread the road less travelled, yet they are not always whom one thinks they are. We share LIGHT and truth with those who truly seek. We are family bonded and bound by the blood ties of centuries past, ties that take us into the future, always moving with the universal tides and to the rhythm of our own dear hearts. Our life is our joy and our joy is in sharing to all who come through our doors seeking the wonderful truths of life.

“Ge be Dag ma Dara be Ar”

“If we look to the stars to see the sights, the stars will come down with fists to fight

Sol here to learn the sun time three, to retrieve the answer to the ineffable key” 


‘The Keeper of Scrolls’

Could this be our future?

Could this be our future?

Everything in the universe is in constant motion, as that is the way of all things and nothing ever stays the same for long, be it in nature, in our lives and in the wider universe. Over the past few years one cannot have failed to notice that the sightings of  other ‘bodies’ in the sky, especially the sighting of the so called ‘two suns’ have dramatically increased and the internet is full of such sighting and videos; evidence from all over our earthly plane. Although a lot of the videos are very blurry and some shots simply look like gaps in the clouds with light shinning through or even camera glare; they are all non the less very fascinating, very thought provoking and prove that many people are awaking to the fact that not everything in our solar system is as it was once thought to be. I myself have seen these ‘gaps’ in the clouds and have wondered is it or isn’t it? But just lately i have also seen for myself on several occasions, other features in our skies that were not the ‘so called’ sun or moon, it was not my imagination as others saw the sightings too; so lots happening out there. However photos and videos that are just too perfect and clear will probably turn out to be fakes so one has to trust ones own judgement really.

From an ancient clay tablet,showing that the ancient peoples of the world had knowledge of the 'stars'

From an ancient clay tablet,showing that the ancient peoples of the world had knowledge of the ‘stars’

Of course those of us on paths already addressing universal issues, changes and truths are already aware and awakened to the fact that much is about to change and that among many things to happen, a planet known as Nibiru or rather its real name of Ninansu is said to be making a debut into our solar system on its 3600 year cycle. Some say that whether it is Ninasu or a large comet, it is predicted within Craft/Priory teachings that we are soon to find out. It is more than probably Ninasu though, which we have been seeing of late in our skies, but be quick and patient as ‘the powers that be‘ will continue to hide this fact from us with lots of chemtrails to throw us off the scent. There is certainly a lot happening ‘out there’ in our current times and we are bound to encounter experiences that we have not met with before and  have never been told about.

I myself, as said above, have often with my naked eye seen sightings of something large and bright which looks very unusual in shape and colour – could it be Ninansu with all its ‘companions’ in tow? How far away is it really? Of course it goes without saying that several things are definitely happening as the universe is in constant flux, as it always has been. We are in a vunerable position in the universe, being an ongoing experiment, and those of Craft are taught how to embrace the coming tides of change, how to rise up and evolve within the universe.

This earthly plane is not as one has been told; is not a sphere and neither are the other stars and planets; the further teachings of which are part of the Priory’s teachings, being shared with students of the path. The meaning of the word ‘planet’ is wanderer or traveller, so then it should be no surprise when a new and long lost ‘traveller’ comes to greet us from afar. Also the fact that we are overdue for another planetary cleansing adds to the pending excitement and who knows what may happen; just imagine what it would be like to view the sky completely different from before, for when the ‘sky becomes undone‘ we will certainly not be viewing it as we do now.

Another theory is that there is a very large star about to go super nova; is in the throes of burning up and thus is showing up brighter than usual in the night skies. Official bodies such as the BBC and NASA have also reported two suns and mentioned Nibiru but of course one knows that the real truths are to be found elsewhere.

Of course there are many prophecies from cultures and seers all over the world throughout all time, that tell of bright objects appearing in the sky as in the Wormwood Prophecy’ which either herald doom or a brand new beginning; a brand new dawn. The Sumerian clay tablets tell of this too and prove that the ancients had knowledge of the ‘stars’ and of the whole solar system; the knowledge of which went back way before our current cycle of time and knowledge.

Therefore to expect an event; to have knowledge of it is halfway to being prepared; some will listen, will pay heed while others wont.  We need to await with open minds and open hearts, and something I have always said to people is to have the ability to actually recognize the signs; the teachings that are being presented to you in the ‘hear and now’ for they could simply pass you by without you ever noticing, until one hears the roar of the tides that is..….

Ancient Sumerian clay tablet showing the 'two suns' or Nibiru

Ancient Sumerian clay tablet showing the ‘two suns’ or Nibiru

A brief introduction to future events based on my own Templar and Priory knowledge. Students of the path are able to go much deeper with full knowledge given.

‘The Keeper of Scrolls’

Loyalty and Commitment

“In perfect love, In perfect trust”

Oaths taken on the metaphysical spheres will always be binding on th mundane..


It is very easy in todays modern world to fail to consider, or even to not understand, subjects such as loyalty and commitment, for they are quite deep and profound topics for many folks and yet relate totally to life today. Whatever one does in life it is beyond a doubt that if personal commitment is not one hundred percent, then one is never ever going to get anywhere or achieve any goals; more so in Craft than anywhere else. Like wise with loyalty; one must be loyal;  above all to ones self and to ones chosen path in life, whatever that path may be. What ever one is involved in and whatever one hopes to achieve from that involvement, one is simply betraying ones self if one falls short. One is of course betraying too, the trust that others have invested  in you.

Loyalty and commitment often go very much hand in hand with  trust in many aspects of life. By being loyal and committed to what one desires on a personal level, one is also showing/proving that one can be trusted. Words alone are not enough, for it is in ones actions alone that the truth of loyalty and commitment are to be found displayed. How many times has one experienced the ‘could haves, would haves, should haves’ of this life, the people who when told of the endeavours and achievements of others are all too full of what they would have or should have done in similar circumstances, to the extent that it becomes very boring  to hear and one tends to switch off from listening. For heavens sake i want to shout, “if you could have; then why didn’t you?” Empty words from empty vessels I fear…..

So then, following the path of the Serpent Priesthood, how does loyalty and commitment relate to this? It is of course a lifetime of commitment, of ever-deepening loyalty and trust for all followers of the path and each student upon embarking on the path will take many very profound and deep oaths; oaths that are bound in the metaphysical world as well as the mundane world. Those ‘who see and observe’ will oversee the oaths taken and will grant ‘passage through’ for those who are true of heart and mind. The oaths are never to be taken frivolously and never ever taken lightly, for the meaning of the oaths reach far beyond the every day aspects of life and yet at the same time will also see each student through their mundane as well as spiritual lives. While each student is free to leave the path at will at any time, their oaths will always remain binding and can never be ‘untaken’.

In the early degrees the commitment would be to attend meetings regularly, to be punctual upon the sphere of time, to study and to engage in Craft pursuits, carrying out all the tasks requested by the Preceptor. Loyalty is to the path and to Craft, to ones brothers and sisters of the path and to staying loyal and committed to each oath taken. Loyalty and commitment is in living the path as taught; having faith above and beyond the mundane and to always ‘walk your walk’. True followers will attain this naturally yet for others it may take time, patience and perseverance,  but if not, if loyalty and commitment are hard to attain, then perhaps another path would be more appropriate? As time goes by loyalty and commitment to ones ‘family’, becomes second to non, above and beyond the mundane and it is in the executing of these acts that others, especially ‘family’  know they can trust you, for every morsel of trust has to be fully earned.

One can set an example as to enlighten others to the true wisdom and beauty of  Craft and can support all those interested and to always help them through any challenges that come along. My own journey and commitment has been a true revelation to me as I have never committed myself one hundred percent and beyond to anything else ever before. With my deepening commitment also came proof of loyalty, for as i learnt the Old Ways, I also learnt about myself and learnt that I could be true, loyal and committed to that which I knew to be the ultimate truths. Loyalty and commitment do work both ways though for in proving one is loyal and committed the barriers of time and space will be broken down as the Old Ones, who forever watch, know they can come to you as you journey to them. But it is something that, as mentioned before, is never to be taken lightly, one can never rest on ones laurels as it were.

I have complete trust in those who have tutored me, something that goes way beyond the fact that when I step over the precipice I know I will be caught ; it is not that at all, it is in the knowing and the knowledge that when I step over; I can and will fly. It is something that has been instilled within me; a gift given. The loyalty, the commitment, the trust, it all goes without saying that with my passion and desire I can thus pass all this on to the world and instill within all, the lessons I have learnt. I do try hard to walk my walk and talk my talk yet it is through continuing hard work, dedication, loyalty and commitment and of course, great joy that I am able to do so. My personal journey, along with a few good old bumps now and again has proved to be a wonderful ride, a blooming amazing ride in fact and one that I forever embrace and one I never ever want to end.


Updated February 2017

“The Keeper of Scrolls”

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