The Whole Teachings of the Priory/Knights of the Red Order

To anyone whom wishes to ‘awaken’ in the truest sense of the word and who wishes to rise above all the untruths and misdirections of this world we live in, then one need go no further, for here for the first time is the ultimate guidance towards the truths of our existence. Not for the faint hearted I know, but for those whom wish to free themselves from centuries of being lied to about who we as humans are, where we came from and do we have a purpose here on earth. Many of the revelations in these books will surley awkaken one to what ‘really is’ and thus life can never be the same again. The books are indeed a joyous read, full of revelations never before printed…


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Priory Awakening

Priory awakening by [Mister Ree]

For centuries the Priory has existed in secrecy, where it was thought that only the elite could join. The truth is that most of the organisations claiming to have direct link to the Sacred past are no more than a fake, built upon the ego of the male boys clubs. At last, we see the truth, we see what we were always meant to see; perfect words in a perfect moment within our minds. Priory awakening enlightens the reader to a clear way of thought and reveals the names of the Disciples as they were once known. Priory awakening is just that. Awaken to your inner thoughts, awaken to the truth that you have sought.

Priory Beginning

Priory Beginning

Priory Beginning reveals the practices of the Fifth and Sixth Elevation. Up until this point such written material has been left for the eyes of a few. It is the intention of the Author that by publishing such works, that it will inspire those whom wish to tread the path a little further. Priory Beginning is a new approach to an ancient start.

The Ninasians on Earth

The Ninasian's on Earth by [Mister Ree]

What if everything you thought you knew was wrong. Well, perhaps a little incomplete? The Ninasian’s on Earth tells the tales of Aliens that walk amongst us. They are not green. They do not go ‘beep-bop’. In fact, they look similar to the human species, yet they have a distinct difference that makes them different from the cultural ways of the planet. The Ninasian Bloodline details Rites of Passage  for both Ninasians and Human species alike.

The Priory Ancient Rites

The Priory: Ancient Rites

This publication covers the ancient rites of The Priory, the very society that Jesus himself was a member of. It is an in-depth look at the language spoken within the Priory and covers the First through to the Third Chapters. It is used as a form of workbook and reference for any individual (or group) wishing to form a pathway to live by. There are direct references to names and words that are rarely in the public domain. This publication has been modernised so to put the reader at ease, allowing them to truly see what the mainstream world does not wish them to see.

The Genesis Code

The Genesis Code

The Genesis Code. Informative, and most importantly; controversial. In this edition, Karl explores human ancestry and the links to the existence of G-d. There are detailed instructions on how to create Holy Water, alongside the process of blessing your own home. A full version of ‘The Order of Mass’ is contained within and further the ‘Prayer of the Rosary’. There are direct translations and interpretations of the ‘Good Book’, with exploration of the Heaven above and the ground below. For anyone interested in Catholicism and religions alike, ‘The Genesis Code’ will empower you to think outside of the box.

Finding Camelot

Finding Camelot

One would assume with such a book title as ‘Finding Camelot’, that it would contain no more than tales of Knightly Virtues, the sorts that always have a happy ending and the ‘damsel in distress’ is saved by the handsome Knight of the day. Clearly, you would be mistaken to have such thought. Yes, it is true that ‘Knights’ are very much ‘in the business of the book’, yet there is so much more. We must always read with an open mind, and preferably, and open heart. It is by combine the heart and the mind that we are empowered to understand the greater mysteries. Such mysteries that are often in ‘plain sight’, yet, at the same time are hidden away for those with a curious eye to see. Of course, we have knowledge of the ‘Eight Virtues’, and within Finding Camelot this has been explored. It is not any form of ‘expectation’ that the reader suddenly becomes ‘holier than thou’. But, it is an expectation that the reader may deposit the key values and place them within the repository of their mind.Within Finding Camelot, there is direct reference to Desposyni, and how the ‘Fordham’ surname links directly to the Desposyni Line. What is of particular interest in how King Arthur is described as being the ‘Pure Light’. Indeed, this make sense if we apply King Arthur to being the physical manifestation of the G-d. If, as the reader, you have already discovered the fact that both G-d and the Son of G-d have been present in the ‘flesh’ upon the Earth, then I commend you for your inner knowledge and analysis of the ‘word within the words’. Of course, one must never be too brash when realisation occurs. Instead, it is more fun to be quiet and content in the knowledge to which you have discovered, and most likely received.

Under The Dome

Under the Dome, a fascinating read full of all things natural, and a few supernatural points for good measure. The reader will go on an adventure of discovery, encompassing the tales of the church and its centuries of designed control, and how the tales of Mary Magdalene and Jesus are quite possibly true. There are detailed accounts of Enki the later named Jesus, alongside his son Utu as the son of the living flesh. Exorcism, Wedding ceremony, and raising of energy are laid out in this intriguing book, that will leave the reader questioning their own taught history. There are accounts of the firmament and how the dome is designed as a would-be prison of sorts, encasing those whom reside on what is known as Earth. In all accounts, Under the Dome is here to challenge the status quo, and really put things into perspective.

When The Trumpet Sounds

When the trumpet sounds is truly a book for all ages. Great focus is given to life, existence, and the species unseen within this world of men. The reader will be whisked away on a journey of discovery and light, enabling true sight into what was, what is, and what shall come. The author goes to a great length to provide detailed accounts of Earth’s history in truth, alongside sharing the knowledge of the ‘stones of time’. After four decades of research and exploration, the knowledge for the route of the Holy Grail is shared exclusively within this spectacular book. There is great reference and importance placed on what is known as ‘Keystone’ churches, and their reason for simply being. The three groups of stones used since the dawn of time are discussed within, whilst there are good accounts of spiritual practice and ritual. When the trumpet sounds, try not to miss this book of legend.


‘The Keeper of Scrolls’

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