The Little Book of Templar Philosophy:   (paperback £4.20)  We all hear tales about the Knights Templar, but who are they, and what purpose do they have in a modern world? Janis, the author of this book gives insight into the beliefs and practices of this once highly secret organisation. She goes further to make suggestions to those wishing to tread the path towards discovery. The Little Book of Templar Philosophy is just that, a little book with a wealth of belief systems.

Templar Alchemy:  (paperback £8.25)   Mankind has always had a connection to this planet and the bounty she produces, apart from food; none more so than for use in magic, health and healing. As the following extract from the opening section of ‘The Knight’s Bible’ explains the earth also produces many poisons, yet also the ant-dote – thus keeping a perfect balance. When we walk upon this earth as practitioners of magic and healing, right from the very beginning of our earthly journey we acknowledge the many gifts that this planet has to offer and that freedom, fervency and zeal are thus represented by Chalk, Charcoal and Clay. There is nothing freer than Chalk, the slightest touch of which leaves a trace; there is nothing more fervent

Crooked Paths:  (£6.55)  Janis lives and writes in her City of Cambridge in England. She is a frequent speaker at open sessions for poetry in Cambridge and has a passion for nature. She particularly loves walks around the City and gains her inspiration from the beauty of this vibrant place. “A collection of her poetry at its finest” many of which are inspired by her spirituality and beliefs.


 We are very pleased to announce the publication of the complete Templar practices in the form of:  ‘THE KNIGHTS BIBLE’

This a series of four very comprehensive books that allows the student/reader to have complete access to the Knight Templar self installations and preceptory teachings as taught in Preceptory, up to the 42nd degree. The information contained within the pages of these very informative books has only recently been available to the general public though many authors down the years have attempted to gain insight into our teachings and ways, but only now has the true knowledge come to light to be enjoyed by those whom seek. These books are full of interesting and fascinating wisdom, knowledge and facts, including many magical practices that the aspiring reader can learn for themselves at home.



THE KNIGHTS BIBLE: ALPHA: Before any student can begin to practice this art, there must be a degree of understanding. It is important not to confuse the following of the Templar Practices in this book with other registered or recognised groups. Although such groups may have a place in Craft, they tend to rely purely on copied or misinterpreted scripture. The elders of this path have, in their travels met and heard of various individuals whom profess to be of a sacred order or even to be at the state of a High Priest and on a many local levels, there are people that profess to being of sacred orders, placing themselves in groups of teaching and then spend endless hours reading from others published work to pass on to their groups. Sadly, in reality most of these infidels are nothing more than seekers, hoping that on the basis of their made-up, stolen, and purely out of context paths and assumptions, they will meet the right people in the right place at the right time to steal their knowledge. The only difference being that they will on this occasion steal from a person directly rather than steal the information from books..

THE KNIGHTS BIBLE: MU:  That you redeem yourself from the society that you know, to explore the path of the many; to seek the truth. We have often wondered as to people’s religious belief system. Take a moment to consider what you actually believe in. Do you believe in a supreme being? Do you believe in God? Or perhaps you believe in another? You could ponder on that thought and consider a realm of possibilities, or maybe just read on a while longer and let us explore further, the meaning.

THE KNIGHTS BIBLE: SANA:  The Knight Preceptory exists to teach candidates up to a certain level – it is not a dark (or left) path. It teaches the Black Flame Lit, as the aspects of creation. We feel it is imperative to teach the levels that those whom may seek to attack would use. The Knight Preceptory operates to heighten awareness of Mary Magdalene in the role of spiritual teachings.

THE KNIGHTS BIBLE: OMEGA:  I am Love. I am Light. I am Peace. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the Master of Ascension at this time, In the presence of the Divinity and Infinity.  And So It Is.


“Seek and ye shall find”


“The Keeper Of Scrolls”