Thoughts on my transition from The Priory to Knights of the Red Order

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To me, and may others, the Grail has always been something very un-tangible, an object of mystery and fantasy, yet I have put my thoughts together here and done some research based on all my previous teachings over the years and how my understandings have evolved.

Is the Grail an ideal, a physical object, something metaphysical, or something else entirely? Does it relate to the philosopher’s stone? Is it a mystical and transformational experience? Is it a link, a key, a blue-print for something? Has it a connection to immortality? Whatever it is, it is very elusive, like a magnate drawing folks towards it, yet out of reach to most, but why is it on this earthly plane and why so sought after? My opinions and thoughts on it have changed over the years and I now keep an open flexible mind.

We know the start of the Grail Kingship was at Tara (also known as Arata, A Tara, 1st Tara) in Ireland, at the site of the Stone of Destiny, but did those first kings have it with them/within them when they travelled from heaven to travell further afield with ‘it’? Those first Kings whom were of the pure blood, were Ninasians manifest in earthly bodies, giving the Grail a connection to the pure royal blood.

Over the years the Grail has had strong connections to (the) Jesus (at the last supper), being it is said, the cup that Jesus and his disciples drank from, yet also the cup that caught Jesus’s blood while on the cross, but we know the crucifixion account to be untrue, so we can discount that, but even so they could still have drunk from a cup, a ‘vessel’? In the KT degrees we are informed that the Grail was in fact Jul, carrying the sacred royal bloodline; further info on this is that the Son of Christ (the anointed) is referred to in the Essene scrolls as ‘Gebiya’, which is Hebrew for ‘Goblet’, and further a name (or term used) for him was ‘Jul’; The Green Man of Destiny, again showing the translations and distortions over time.

Some sources say the Grail Bloodline came from Christ, yet we know it to be much older and that the Christ we know was also a messenger, although he could still carry the royal bloodline. We were taught in later degrees that the dynasty of kings whom descended from this bloodline were known as sorcerer-kings, some of whom hinted or even stated outright that they were in fact descendants of Lucifer. And there is much speculation of the royal/grail bloodline being connected to Cain/Samael/Lilith and Asmodeus, far too much to write about here! We can of course pause for some dot connections though… In future teachings I will be learning sorcery, so sorcery connects to the Knights of the Round Table, whom connect to the Templars, whom connect to the Apostles – all one and the same – all have the same source.

The Grail was claimed to have healing abilities and to bring enlightenment, which ties in with a metaphysical Grail. Before the time of Jesus, stories tell of angels (Ninansians) bringing the ‘cup’ from heaven and given to ‘sacred’ or round table knights, which ties in with the tales of King Arthur’s knights embarking upon a quest to find the Holy Grail. If the grail was bought from heaven, which seems very likely, to Tara, then why and what was it’s purpose on this earth, and has it still a purpose today?

Of course, the word could be interpreted as such: G.R.A.I.L. which makes sense in relation to our teachings and codes. The original meaning in Latin, (which of course could be a giant red herring if the word is an acronym) means cup or vessel, but not necessarily a cup or vessel as we know it, but in a metaphorical sense, adding meaning to any story. It is portrayed as a chalice type of vessel for story-telling purposes, but a vessel can refer to a living vessel… Also in early time it was actually known as ‘The Spear of Destiny’ too, and others of  ‘the path’ certainly searched for it as the spear.

If the Grail is associated with Holy/pure blood lineages, such as of the Ninasians, (the Nevilles) (as in coming from heaven) then the Grail Kingship, the Holy Knights, Jesus etc, The Templars; all had an understanding of the Grail. The Templar Knights are often known as the Grail custodians or guardians, so does that make the Knights of the Round Table and Jesus and his disciples guardians of it too? The Grail is said to equal purity and relates to DNA, so is the Grail within the DNA, but relating to specific bloodlines only? DNA can jump in and out of bloodlines (people) as in my DNA being of the Mary Magdalen line. Most people think it is the bloodline of Jesus that is important, and Jesus as we know was the keeper of the Secret. It is important to stop thinking in linear, mundane earthly terms and to start thinking in metaphysical/dimensional terms.

So, what is it about this special DNA thread then and can it be awakened and utilised (through Craft)? The word ‘Templar’ relates to time (temporal), so the Grail with its history of connections to knights could also relate to time or dimensions? Is it ‘The Universal Templar Complex’ as I have read of, or is that particular subject misinformation? If humanity actually found it, what one wonders would they do with it? Giving humanities track record I don’t think they are ever destined to find it – they could never be trusted with the knowledge of it! If it was found, as in the quests of the round table knights, then once found, the knight dies, as there is no longer a purpose for living (in this world) So was/is the Grail the answer to everything and the passport to heaven? But sadly, not everyone whom sought the Grail wanted to use its divine powers for good.

I am researching all this with the help of old notes and print-outs (and surprisingly I have a wealth of info!) and have found a scribbled reference to the Holy Grail being of evolution and DNA together, of being a reconnection to higher spheres and of the disposing of junk DNA, so could it be a formula? Also, on these notes is the reference to white, grey and red (“Black spirits and White etc…”) which relates to the chalice, sword and stone, replaced in these notes by the pendulum; notes entitled ‘The Holy Grail’.

Throughout all the tales depicting the Grail, it has always represented hope to people, representing something thought to be lost. Some of the tales trace it, as a vessel, to Joseph of Arimathea, whom it was said collected Jesus blood from the cross and who was said to have bought it to England, but as we know it’s lineage goes back much further, but not as a chalice collecting blood for we know the crucifixion tales to be untrue. Yet if Joseph was of the ‘pure bloodline’, the tales take on another meaning. Also, various churches claim different successions and connections to the Grail.

There are said to be many ‘resting places’ for the Grail, some believable, some not, but of course that does depend on what the Grail actually is. It could be resting/hiding within Time itself (within a ‘cloak of time’?). I remember being told of ‘something’ hidden in an underground chamber of Rosslyn Chapel, kept watch over by guardians, which I thought was the Ark, but now know this not to be so, but is it the Grail? Did it find its way to Scotland? For it was mentioned on a quest that it passed by the Neville family chapel on its way to Scotland… yet Mary too found her way to Scotland.

Lots of accounts refer to the blood of Christ or the flesh/DNA of Christ as being of pure blood, of being the Grail, but we know Christ to be the keeper of the secret and not the secret itself. So, did Christ possess the Grail or was it the ‘knowledge’ of the Grail he possessed? If Lucifer’s secret (as I read) is the Holy Grail, that would mean that Christ/Jesus/Lucifer knows the secret – yet is not the secret.

What does it mean to me? Its very hard to know what the Grail means when it is still a mystery to me and yet with so much info already given within my learnings, it is also akin to not seeing the woods for the trees…

It means knowledge to obtain; a goal to reach, something to aspire too, another level. It means having the faith to strive towards the unobtainable. It means another piece of the jigsaw puzzle sliding into place, a stepping stone to further knowledge? It’s another door opening in the search for the LIGHT.

But if I did find the meaning, what would that mean to me? Would that mean the end of the ‘old me’? Would I be forever changed with this new knowledge? Would my purpose in life change too? Maybe I am meant to know but maybe I am not meant to, so whatever the answer is, it is always a matter of grateful acceptance either way – so in that way it would teach me to be humble and to accept what is, and I truly would do…

Maybe it means different things to different people and is a kind of alchemical transformation. Maybe it will enlighten me as to my purpose in relation to Mary Magdalen, (or the Magdalen line) for she has always been surrounded by the Grail Mysteries. Or maybe all of the above is one big red herring and the final answer is hidden within me…

The Secret of Life is the Rose which equates to the Grail….

Extra words, always meaningful from earlier degrees:

I now instruct you to cross your middle fingers, with the left middle finger behind the right middle finger ‘X’. This is the mark of ‘the red cross’.

 You have now crossed your body and overlaid it with ‘the red cross’; this forms the dividing lines between the three dimensions.

The Red Cross is the coded symbol used within the Grail teachings and you will see this symbol in many places around the globe.


It does seem to me to be about time and transformation and one may conclude that a temple and a castle are one and the same. We build are own castle within our minds (our soul) and so project this into the world around us. Therefor our castle becomes the internal action to create our external reation.

New knowledge may suggest that the Spear of Destiny, The Stone of Destiny and The Holy Grail are in fact one and the same; intriging to be sure and surely connected to the metaphysical worlds? Are they all physical markers in temoral space? was King Arthur following their trail that would lead him to a (perfect) point in time where he would find the answer?

In the Sanctuary teachings, the section on the translation of the ‘First Tablet of Zade’, the Holy Grail is that Physical matter which can be transformed molecule by molecule, by the use of incantations. The nature of reality is really an illusion, in that reality should not be this much fun to us, but it just is. The texts go on to say that ‘Vampires’, (Djinn) such creatures of the ‘Forgotten Knight’ have a Higher Calling, which shall be known through a set of magical texts, which have so been given to the Earth creatures by one of the fallen, one of the many. For you will seek the tree of life from such realms not known, through the sacrifice of Blood and the drinking from its source. For I shall, l seek out Cabal, such groups that conspire against the Holy Grail, the tablet of Destinies they so have need of.

I can almost reach out and touch it and it appears to be more and more important to me over time (my time)


October 2019/February 2020

‘The Keeper of Scrolls’