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For all newcomers to our investigations; we are a small and very dedicated team of researchers into the unsual, the paranormal, the mysteries and unexplained within life. We will leave no stone unturned in helping you to solve your mysteries of the ‘unexplained’.

  • Are you ready to explore?
  • Do you have a quest unknown?
  • Is someone (or something) keeping you awake at night?
  • Do you get the feeling that you are being watched?

It’s ok; you are not imagining it; many people report strange goings on that they can not explain.

  1. Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) within ghost hunting and parapsychology
  2. Objects movin gon their own with no physical input
  3. Shadows in the corner of your eyes
  4. Noises and bumps in the night (or day)

There are many strange ecounters and experiences reported across the UK and even the world; they all can not be a hoax and we can confirm that!  If you need help to put the ‘past to bed’ or are merely curious, contact us and our team and we will arrange a visit and report free of charge!

Services on offer:

  1. Parapsychology
  2. Comprehensive Paranormal Investigations
  3. Historical Research
  4. Monitoring and EVP recording collection
  5. Spiritual clearing of buildings and areas

To catch up on what we have already researched and the sites visited, please navigate via our archives menu on the front page using the menu on the right hand side of the home page and click on ‘The Priory Investigates’ or use the links provided below which will take you directly to all the articles and research.

 We have articles on the following:-

  • For any of the above services from our team of investigators and researchers
  • or if you enjoy a mystery and enjoy ‘joining the dots’
  • please do contact us here via the contact form or email us on


We will look forward to hearing from you.

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