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We are a small and dedicated team of researchers; also members of The Priory, looking into the truthS of our world from a Priory perspective, seeking out the hidden bloodlines, the hidden energy lines and all the untold truths which we are never told of;  joining up the dots making sense of it all. All our quests and research, the sites visited, our lineage is here. Use the menu below to go directly to all the articles, photos and research.

 We have articles on the following:-

ONE: Geo Magnetics & Hidden Energy Sources: pub 26th Feb 2016:

TWO: Borley Rectory & Churchand & Faces From The Past: pub 24th March 2016:

THREE: St Mary’s Church Akenham & Raising the Devil: pub 3rd April 2016:

FOUR: All Saints Church Santon Downham: pub 23rd April 2016:

FIVE: PART ONE Little Plumstead Asylum Norfolk: pub 8th May 2016:

FIVE: PART TWO Revelations in Scenery, Sky & Sands: pub May 17th 2016:

SIX: PART ONE A Queen, A Knight & A Lord: pub May 24th 2016:

SIX: PART TWO  The Black Beast of Mercia & the Phantom Train: pub May 28th 2016:

SEVEN: All Saints Church Shipden & Echoes of the Past: pub June 6th 2016

EIGHT: The King of Tir, A Murdering Queen & A Gypsy Curse: pub June 20th 2016:

NINE: A Hertfordshire Trail: pub July 10th 2016

TEN: The Four Corners of London: pub July 25th 2016

ELEVEN: Symbolism & Sacrifice: pub Aug 6th 2016

TWELVE: Guardians, Demons & Ancient Energies: pub Sep 10th 2016

THIRTEEN: Deeper into the Bloodlines: pub Oct 11th 2016

FOURTEEN: The Souls of Lost Airman: pub Nov 4th 2016

FIFTEEN: Dark Explorations at Cold Christmas: pub Nov 21st 2016

SIXTEEN: The Twists of Fate: pub Nov 28th 2016




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