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“Join us on our Grail Quests across the Uk, Ireland, Scotland and beyond as we follow the path of the Holy Grail here on the earth, tracing our blood lineage and histories as we go. Discover our secrets and truths as hidden history comes alive. So much here will never have been shared before…..”


“As Knight Templars and members of The Knights of the Red Order Order (was The Priory) we are in the process of tracing and documenting our lineage, as we journey upon the hidden path of the Holy Grail and record the points in history not known previously to humanity. We are looking into the truths of our world from a KT/Craft perspective, seeking out the hidden bloodlines, the hidden energy lines and the untold truths never told of;  joining up the dots and seeing through the illusions taught to the world. All our quests and research, the sites visited, our lineage is all here and is constantly being updated. We have travelled the length and breadth of the UK, Ireland, Scotland and now beyond on this modern day Holy Grail Quest”

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“The Keeper of Scrolls”


“If you see the theme running through

If you read the codes good and true

If you recognise one you will recognise all

Knights and saints and apostles all”