“Open the doors to my Serpent Moon….”

A message from your Temple Mistress!

“Welcome ‘one and all’ to my new ‘Serpent Moon Preceptory”

“We follow the true Knights Templar path, through to The Priory and on to the The Knights of the Red Order”

“Nothing is ever what it seems, lest of all this world in which you live. Just open your eyes to ‘sea’ “


I am delighted and excited to be the personal tutor of ‘Serpent Moon Preceptory‘ and to guide all students on their journey towards the Light and truth.



The ‘Serpent Moon Preceptory’ has been specially designed with the solitary practitioner uppermost in mind and has been carefully structured, to enable each student access to the knowledge and understandings taught. Each student is given access to our scriptures as well as complete instructions on ritual, tool crafting, magical workings, healings, sacred stone workings, sacred rites, the secrets of time and space, the truth of diety, the energies around us, energy lines and just how the teachings fit into life from an historical as well as a metaphysical aspect. The degrees develope just as the student does. Our esteemed Temple Master is Mr.Karl Neville and it is with the guidance of his books and scriptures that each student can develope way beyond the teaching and assumed knowledge already in the public domain. Karl’s writings are desigend to be used alongside the personal teachings from myself.


“Angels tread in oh so many places…”


As the tutor I am available via email, telephone or even Zoom for all personal questions, and I will endeavour to tutor each student very individually, for no two student’s understandings are ever alike. I will guide each student through their degrees and give them encouragement to reach their full potential, while at the same time working at their own pace and in their own time. Together we can develop and grow as the knowledge continually unfolds and develops. Please get in touch with me if you would like to learn more, I would be delighted to hear from you.


“In Truth we Live, In Life we reveal, In Light we t.r.u.s.t”


As a Craft Tutor, i reside in the beautiful city of Cambridge. I have always lived a life tightly woven by the threads of Craft and my Craft journey has bought me to a time and place where I am deeply honoured to be able to share my own developing knowledge. I also have a deep love of the natural world and connect deeply to the darker aspect of life; yet not in a negative way. I trod a pagan path for many years, yet I always had a deep inner feeling that my spirit was unfulfilled on that path. When i found Craft (or it finally found me) I found the answers to all my questions. The journey has been a complete joy and a great challenge and yet it has been a total life changing experience for me and has and is taking me to places i never thought possible.

It is an honour to follow the way of Lady Mary Magdalene, (of whom i have a deep connection with) the patron of the Templar order, in whose hands we are safely delivered. Mary Magdalene gave to us, her gift of gnosis of “inner knowing” and related teachings of beauty, nature, clear seeing and the divine feminine; a true G-dess path. We can look to Mary Magdalene and find her where she is strongest within and without us. The ancient knowledge taught on this path is certainly not just for times past; it is very relevant in today’s busy world and will enhance for all time the life and way of thinking for all those who tread it. The path could be said to be very Gnostic in many ways, for it is not of any man-made religion, it goes far beyong that concept. It could be described at various stages, as the path of the Spiritual Warrior, and can be a very challenging ‘roller coaster’ of a ride, yet once embarked upon it will empower each student to find their true nature and inner strengths.

The knowledge taught can be drawn upon and used in everyday life in many practical ways; ritual, magical workings, crystal healing, herbal knowledge, candle magic and connecting to the sacred energies of the earth and the universe; connecting to the truths. The knowledge attained can be used to empower the flow of ones own life energie, giving new perspective and meaning and to help others seeking guidance, healing and peace. The understanding of morality,  a deep understanding of Gnosis, developing inner wisdom in order to tread the path of Light. At times we are all tested but our inner love, wisdom and faith enables us to move onwards. Many aspect of the Templar Path, then The Priory and on to the Knights of the Red Order will reveal themselves at the right time to those who wish to see. Folks are drawn together in life for many reasons as each Chapter in the book of life opens up before opened eyes.


‘By the Sun, Moon and Star – Forever within its Glory’


NEXT STEP: “What do i do to follow the path?” Well, there are two ways a student can study with Moon Preceptory.

  1. Simply purchase the ‘Knights Bible’ teaching scriptures from Amazon.
  2. Send an email to ‘’ and i will send you back a form asking for some basic details, fill it in and forward it back to me and i will get you regisitered.
  3. Start reading the books in order, asking all the questions you wish as you read through. This way allows the student to have the basic knowlegde without doing the rites and practical workings.


  1. Again purchase the books (one at a time) with a view to have full teaching instructions as you go along and personal guidance through all the rites, ceremony’s and practices.
  2. Again send an email to ‘’ and i will send you back a form asking for some basic details, fill it in and forward it back to me and i will get you regisitered, plus i will start to send you various teaching instructions on how to proceed on your journey in Moon Precetory.
  3. Keep me updated of your progress and i will guide you through all the rites etc.
  4. There is no charge for my teaching services, but purchasing the books and a few tools etc as one progresses is all that is needed – many items can be ‘reclaimed’


“It is a simple as that!”


“The winds whisper the truths upon the silent hill of destiny

And the LIGHT of the divine star shines upon the earth.

All journeys have a beginning and an ending

As all souls are guided home.”


All the Teaching Scriptures!


An endorsement and dedication:

“I am very humbled and yet also proud to have a mention in Karl Neville’s magnificant new book”

‘When the Trumpet Sounds’ by Karl Neville



Karl’s beautiful words of endorsement to me: Dear Janis, I shall always know you as a true Sister. Your Craft knowledge and commitment has been outstanding, beyond the years. Now into a fourth decade of Craft practice, you continue to amaze me with your dedication and promotion of our ways. I know you of being a considerate person, spending quality time with those whom you so love. I think I shall always remember you as a person whom does not tolerate fools. Always be wise, always be true, and most importantly; always be you.”


FACEBOOK TEACHING PORTAL:  I have created a facebook page for the advancement of all students. The page is a closed, freindly group available to all Craft students. Not only is it a safe place to share and discuss Craft, but it also contains all the training videos you will need upon your journey. I shall sharing the kind of instructions that are of a visable kind, the type of instruction you would get in a physical preceptory. When a student advances to the 3rd degree, i shall therefore send an invite to join. May your journey be of joy and revelation.



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‘The Keeper of Scrolls’ & your ‘Temple Mistress’

February 2020