…..an account of my time with Mary, as a Temple Priestess.

“When i wrote this essay, it was an account of times spent as a Temple Priestess in Egypt with Mary Magdalene and of her great influence upon me. I had always been very drawn towards Mary and her life and at this point in time when i was writting it, as part of my Knight Templar 30th degree installation as a KT, i had no idea just how bonded i would become to Mary over time and how her life and my life would be as echoes of each others, or maybe even mirrors of each others, one and the same energy. Some knowledge here may have evolved since writing it and tempting as it is to update this account, i want to leave it as it is, for the energies at the time when i was writing it, were very real indeed and it was as if i was drawing a hidden part of me out into the Light. I now know this to be very true….”


It was written in the ancient scrolls that when Mary walked upon the earth she walked with the divine knowledge of the goddess and illuminated the world for all times hence. Her tale has been told time and time again in many different guises, so what makes this one so different, dear friends? Well, I was a priestess too, in that temple in Alexandria in Egypt. I was one amongst many sisters in the Goddess Temple. I sat beside her as we learnt and studied together; sometimes simply mixing oils and ungents for embalming but often learning magic and of the laws of the universe. She was always different and somehow seemed destined for greater things. She had an inner light which she knew would shine upon the world of men for all times.

Sometimes the priestesses of the goddess temple would gather together to talk and share, and Mary told of her days as a young woman in Galilee, Cana, and Qumran and of how she met he who would be known in history as the messiah, and most certainly as the Messenger. She enlightened us all of the truth that they were co-teachers, were equals and preached their gospel together, side by side as one. She told of how they eventually became close and shared anointing rites and a blessing ceremony together, she told of being with him in Gethsemane before his murder, an act that he knew had to happen and hinted to us that many things were ‘revealed’ that night in those gardens, none no less than that their knowledge, that the secret of the sacred royal blood line must be protected for all futures. We listened to her in awe and to her tellings; partly because we knew why she was sharing and that we too were a part of her tale. She then told of her subsequent journey to be with us here in Egypt under the protective banner of her trusted and beloved Ansar, those valiant spiritual warriors.

We were so young and found it hard to take in; she had experienced so much in her life and yet was full of divine grace and humility. But we were young and eager listeners and learned very quickly from her. She told us of how there had always been messengers in time, sent by the universe to enlighten those who wished to see and that the two of them Mary and ‘the’ Jesus were two such messengers of the future. We knew she spoke the truth as the light shone from her when she spoke.

Mary stayed with us in the temple for a good few years before finally making her way to France with Saria, whom she had previously adopted. Word of her whereabouts often came back to us from those in the know, often in the comings and goings of her beloved Ansar, whom were always welcome at the temple and whom told of our Lady and of the work she was doing. It was no surprise, for we always knew she would minister far and wide and in other lands too. She was guided to teach the truths of existence and to shine the pure light upon the earth. Her time with us in the temple left us all in no doubt of this and she left her mark and divine knowledge on each and everyone of us, so we in our turn would be able to share with others when our time came.

Word eventually got back to us that Mary had reached that most sacred of all places, that holy isle in the northern hemisphere; that most magical and mysterious of lands. It was a land of such wild and stunning beauty that we all believed with certainty that Mary would leave something of her soul buried there. We heard word back from Cornwall and from Scotland too of Mary’s travels and we knew that those whom would come into contact with her in those faraway lands, would forever be changed and that she was setting actions in motion that would have far reaching ramifications throughout time and the centuries of mankind. We knew because she had had the same effect on us as young priestesses and we all to this day still teach her word.

We knew also that she had left scrolls and teachings within various places upon this earth; teachings and sacred knowledge that would have a great impact on the world of men, as and when they would be eventually found. This was her way of making sure that the divine word of the universe would be held safe throughout the centuries after she was no longer within this world of men.  It was whispered in the temple corridors that her faithful warrior priests knew the secrets also and had sworn to protect them down through the centuries against all odds; sworn to serve Mary for as long as they would live.

With Mary no longer around, we simply often had to put two and two together for ourselves, and all that she had shared with us we held sacred and very close to our hearts. When news eventually came to us from one of her faithful knights, of her return to these lands and then sadly of her passing we knew it was our turn then, to carry on where she had left off and to spread her word and to uphold her gospel with it’s teachings and codes of life; to continue the Serpent Priesthood as her knights had also avowed to do.

So, my friends, that is my story, my story of Mary Magdalene and of how I sat so attentively and listened and learned for a small split second in time, of her life and teachings in those far away days. And yet as time travels on my friends, everything may seem as just a blink of an eye, and in that very blink of an eye energies may awaken, patterns may repeat and that which once was is now stronger than ever….


‘The Keeper of Scrolls’ added Dec 2021



Forever of the Serpent Priesthood….