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I grieved for a love adored since birth
I grieved for my love, my home, my Earth
The future i wanted i knew was a dream
I tried to hold on, yet stifling a scream
A moment in time to stop and ponder
A great test of time to truly wonder
Are we traveling through mankind’s fall
A time to embrace or totally ignore
I saw mankind rise, and i saw mankind fall
I saw greed and envy, i saw war and strife
I saw not a feeling for this thing called life
Over the centuries no lessons learned
And on the shores of time i witnessed it all
I wore no blindfold, I saw the score
My sad, single teardrop in an ocean wont cut it
I cried and i cried but nothing could stop it
Mankind you came and mankind you went
Destroying the Earth you went all out, hell-bent
The innocent creatures you left in your wake
Didn’t deserve their death or their fate
A prison planet it was meant to be
But it could have been treated respectfully
Now all of those humans who let greed shine a light
Will atone for their sins in the darkest of nights
The ‘creatures’ that make, are the same ones who take
The ones that have watched as mankind cast their fate
You were a toy of the G-ds ’tis very true
Yet all that is wrong is down to just you
You lived out a life that was not accepted
Now you die a death you never expected
Like a field full of cattle you grew fat on your crimes
Fat for the ‘Old Ones’ to take when it’s time….
For i will be gone, will observe it all
I will witness mankind’s greatest fall
But do not fear, do not stress
It was never a given, was always a test
I once knew a land where time stopped still
I saw things that maybe were only for me
I reached out and grasped that which i quested
This moment, my life, i was fully invested
And no, i wasn’t living a dream
Everything viewed was meant to be seen
In the blink of an eye, the cool waters will rise
Rise up to reach those firey red skies
It was always written, always fortold
Within years of study, if i may be so bold
Under a dome, a greenhouse for sure
It has always been there, yet always ignored
Your governments lied, your scientist too
But i think in your hearts, you always knew
Too many anomalies, it didn’t add up
So now here we are on the edge of time
That party at midnight I knew would be mine
Yes i’d mentioned the ‘party’ in previous words
But nobody saw, nobody heard
So ‘we’ did what we did, it had to be done
But doing it was such tremendous fun
So i sit and i watch and i sit and i wait
I sit and i watch humanities fate
Way out of time, above beyond rhyme
You may see me again at the end of all days
The Feminine Light to show the way
Yet if still in your blindfolds
You never will never see
The truth of existence, or the real ‘me’
For i was always there, guiding the way
Revealing a path so true and profound
Yet many stumbled and cried on the ground
But time and tide and moments move on
Only a few knew the ‘song of songs’
The truth was the ‘word’ it was always said
But what use is a word to the already dead
Time is of essence, please let me not tarry
I have said far too much, i must not dilly or dally
Back to my perceived grind of a daily life
But a Guardian of Time i shall always be
So never ever underestimate me
I sit and i watch and i sit and i wait
As i cast my hands over man’s written fate…

‘The Keeper of Scrolls’
aka ‘’ July 2023
Reverend Janis

“Know me and know whom i am.
See me and see me as i am.
Feel the energies and fly with me tonight
Or don’t…..


The Serpent Path

“I found some old notes going back many years to a time when i was seeking my path, a path i always knew to be there. Over the years i have made many notes and had the thought of making these little notes and thoughts into poems. Here is the first one that is of my very personal journey into Craft, with some up to dates thoughts added too….”

The wheel turns and new times arrive through the gates of destiny.

Old doors clang irreparably shut.

New doors creek and slowly open.

What once was, now no longer is.

What is now, is never to be.

Within the chaos ahead a path intertwined with mine.

A desire.

A change, then never no more.

I dreamed of chaos.

I stood in that labyrinth, that physical labyrinth at midnight and screamed for change in my mundane life.

For deep dark chaos.

A yearning to be taken to the centre, to the darkness, to the desire.

To see what others do not.

To see the hidden.

My hidden was always there in plain sight.

My potions, my healing herbs, my culinarys sitting there on my kitchen shelf side by side with my hexing’s and poisons.

That old, ragged charm over the door, or the worn pouch hung on the tree near the gate. Did you not notice?

Kitchen canisters full of, well not food….

Yet within my healings and spells, a dream of a different future yet untold, took shape.

A shadow, a flickering, a whisper of a way.

A serpent uncoiling.

I was bound to the wrong path, by the false words, the fake hierarchies and the false knowledge.

I knew this.

I desired a way out; I desired truth however dark, that resonated on my soul.

An ancient path that came from before the dawn of human time.

I wanted that which comes from deep within, that which can bind with the without to achieve that perfect balance of dark and light, night and day.

I wanted connection to that deep well of inspiration, that deep dark place within my soul, that source that binds us all not to the Wyrd, but to the complete unknown.

I wanted to stand on the edge of human reality and stir that deep cauldron of truth.

Would i find my place with the energy we know of as the goddess, or would the energy find me?

Would he whom weilded the flaming sword push me and show me the way?

Little did i know at that time, that i had already been found by that force, that energy that was the driving force of all i would come to be.

I wanted to break all the human-set rules, become a part of a soul defining truth that I knew existed. But first I had to know the rules, learn the rules before I could even consider breaking them.

Down, down, down into the dark I journeyed, into the unknown, surrendering, letting go of all I knew.

A solitary journey.

Familiar faces came and went, as I turned away from false priests and prophets.  Yet I surrendered every corner of my life in love and trust and to the deep yearning of my soul.

I saw humanity revealed in a blink of an eye, a creation that knows not its purpose, a carbon footprint echoing briefly upon the shores of time.

I heard the wind whisper long and low and the waves wash over the saddled shores of time at sunset to erase all footprints with just one swift touch.

I felt the serpent awaken.

I waited then and only then for humanity to realise the truth.

The truth I had longed for, searched for and desired.

Deep down, the ‘trait’ within me always knew.

For I was never blind.

I saw the spread, the feast.

The blood on the table laid out before my eyes.

The food of the G-ds.

A painful vision, once seen, never unseen.

I was careful in what I wished for.

In that which I so desired.

Sure and strong and unbending.

I found the chaos, the deep dark chaos.

I found and fought the dragon.

I saw the illusion,

As Mary did.

Both Serpent and Moon at my feet

Dragon and illusion

At last falling into place…


“The Keeper of Scrolls”

aka ‘’

April 12th 2023


A Truth Imaginary….

“In the summer of 2022 Midsummer Common in Cambridge held an exhibition dedicated to the human understanding of what is known of as our planets. Everytime i went by on the bus i had that feeling that one gets when chalk is grated across a blackboard. I was compelled to write this poem in which i hint at what really is, sometimes hidden by illusion yet often hidden by the veils that cloud the human the eye and almost always hidden by those ‘creatures’ in ‘so called power’ whom have no intention of allowing us to know – but one can either ‘see it’ or one cant. It’s a human choice to open up and know…..”


Midsummer common was telling a story
Of a solar system in all its glory
A delight in the telling of all things planetary
Yet tis a long-told tale of truths imaginary


How many care to consider reality
To look beyond the earth’s banality
How many look towards the skies
Yet cannot see the truth for lies


What is behind the smoke and mirrors
This falsity told by earthly sinners
Time and tide hide a well-hidden tale
Of our world, our universe on a mighty scale


Yet humans are kept in the realms of the dark
Never knowing, never seeing, that Light, that spark
A world of expanse can await one and all
If only your blinds and your curtains can fall


For over the edge of the landscape, out of sight
Lies a different day, another night
Hidden away from human knowledge
A world apart, few can acknowledge


Yet Admiral Byrd, he knew the score
Knew the truth and so very much more
He took to the skies and he did fly
Over the ice where those vast lands lie


The ‘powers that be’ tried to hide his story
Played it down and all its glory
They tried to silence this honest man
Who flew over the ‘wall’ to those vast new lands


The magic of myths were once proud truths
Before religion dispelled all of the proof
But as time wove on, our histories changed
Altered by those whom had ‘no name’


Over humanity, a dark spell was woven
To sleep, to dream, in an illusion not chosen
Like sheep in a field, unaware that the wolf
Provided the meadow, the grass and false ‘truths’


Hungrily grazing in meadows so green
Never seeing, never knowing that vast prison screen
Never an inkling of what’s over the sea
And the wolves of course licked their lips in glee


For over the great wall are lands so vast
Lands that stem from a different past
A different history, a different telling
Yet to discover the truth, humans have to be willing


To ‘see’ beyond those earthly ties
To let go of all the aforetime lies
To trust in those whom understand
To be willing to take them by the hand


A Watcher may be hovering near
To guide, to teach, to certainly steer
To light the way, to the path of truth
But it is you whom must trust, to find that truth


So, if planets are not up there in the skies
If all you are told is a human lie
If the earth is just a tiny prison
Hidden within a far bigger region


If within our time and space
Lies another reality, another place
That has always been there, before your eyes
If only ‘science’ hadn’t clouded your ‘skies’


The Watchers, the teachers are ever so near
Yet hidden from sight by human fear
They see the sheep in their meadow so green
Unable to look past their prison screen


The world I live in is amazing and vast
Yet with a different future, present and past
An understanding that is miles away
From anything modern science can say


So, if the truth is out there, but you don’t wanna know
Then go you own way with nothing to show
Never revel in the wonder of time and space
Forever in the doldrums of your earthly place


If time and tide is not for you
And to live a mundane life is all you do
Remember there are those that can guide the way
Preserving the truths for that one rainy day…..


A rare mystery seen over the skies of Yorkshire…


Go sleep and dream my children.
And while you dream the wheel forever turns.
Til the day becomes the night.
And the LIGHT that always shone.
Is revealed for those who do not slumber”
Adueni KT

‘The Keeper of Scrolls’

AKA AdueniKT


15th October 2022



Maybe there was a time, long long ago when vampires and dragons really did walk the earth.
Not the kinds from Holywood movies but the kinds that possesed a human form, unbeknown, or lived amongst us as any beast would.
Maybe there was a time long long ago that the peoples knew this and lived with this knowledge.
Knowledge now lost for all time.
Maybe there was a time long long ago when knowledge itself was different from today, and what was known then, is now no longer known.
Creatures and ways not of our understanding flourished amongst us.
Maybe there was this time long long ago, before the modern world, a time now wiped from our history books, for fear of what modern humanity would make of it.
Maybe part of that world still survives.
Maybe there was a time long long ago when the Old Ways were the only ways and folks respected that and were ok with it.
Embraced it.
I often return to those times in my dreams, in my night journeys, becoming one of them, following my blood tides and blood ties.
It is all there, in Time, like pages in a book.
Just as it ever was.
Open yet hidden from most.
Slip through.
Shapeshift into a reality that awaits the traveler.
What was, can be again.
Past and future are all one.
Times peeling bell forever rings me home
As I slip into that magical void between the earthly years.
Embracing whatever comes my way.
Respecting the hidden ways of old, the lessons given.
For long long ago is also yet to be
And what once was, is now simply hidden within realities placed outside of human consciousness…
‘The Keeper of Scrolls’
1st December 2021





The sun and the moon

Sit side by side
Within human eyesight
In a clear blue sky.
They tell a tale
Not often told
Of a land of plenty
In a time of old.
They weave a tale
So very bold
Of another time or maybe not.
When things we knew
Are now forgot.
For nothing now is as it seems
And humans are sleeping
In a perpetual dream.
A dream they love
And live and die in
To awaken not
For fear of crying.
So start with the stars,
The moon and the sun.
Then planets like Mars
Being not which they seem.
Or sleep soundly still
In that deep dream of dreams.
When all is said it matters not,
The experience, the experiment
Was a human’s lot.
With no where to run and no where to hide,
Slumbering and sleeping through the truths of time.

So once again i dance alone, my midnight dance on the eve of that tide…..


‘The Keeper of Scrolls’
12th December 2021

A different poem for this time of year as memories manifest….

I remember that time of year
When the darkness lingered longer

And the shadows came out of hiding to drape themselves lovingly across the land.
I remember dressing in all black, in readiness, waiting
I remember a time before the modern world earased the old times from the memories of mankind
A time before the world of men was filled with the chatter and clatter of a manufactured reality
I remember the moon shinning upon the grove
And the ladies waiting there
I remember the energies of the night
That night
I remember the purpose and the point
Although no one had ever taught me
But the truth, the blood, the energy was inside me, living
I remember pulling my black lace shawl tightly around my shoulders as i made my way towards the moon grove
I knew the wolves would be watching on this night
Watching, waiting, testing
My old blood, the bloodline of my forefathers i knew would keep me strong and see me through
We had great things to achieve on this the darkest day and longest night
A prophecy to fulfill, a blood challice raised, a divine point in time to invoke and preserve, not only blood memories, but to acknowledge the ‘ladies of the line’ both past and present.
I remember on that long dark night, when the cold seeped into our very bones, i remember us all being as one, yet separated upon the points of time.
The old ways preserved within ‘the ladies of time’, the ladies of the grove.
Now as then, connecting
Blood ties held safely within under the protection and magic of our grove.
Keeping faith, preserving truths, a world apart.
I remember that night of unending darkness
That longest night when realms collided
When the Old Ones shared and dared to reveal themselves
Under the moon
In a grove
Hidden forever
Within the memories of time
‘The Keeper of Scrolls’
December 21st 2021




On Cornwall’s Moor

Written from my true experiences….


Whispers within the landscape
A pulse vibrating
A breath
The hidden heart
On Cornwall’s moor
A needed sanctuary
When knights a travelling came
Lost in time
Out of time
Three lions roared
To leave their mark
The Dove hovers above
A blood red cross
Dimension’s change
Tis neither the beginning nor the end
Suspended forever in its own time
Tales unfold
Entwined within old ash roots
Never told
The land keeping its own counsel
Ancient eyes watch from the shadows
In recognition
Traveling pilgrims in modern dress
Also acknowledge
All gone before
Seeing within the green of the land
The sanctity of a bloodline
Secrets forever carved in stone
Spell the unspoken word
Tell an untold tale
Energies exchanged
Footprints left
Forever upon the moors


‘The Keeper of Scrolls’

May 2021

“The truths have always been protected over the years, within this very shallow world of men; truths hidden behind tales of misadventure, tales of misdoings and tales of misdirecton, thus keeping that which needs protecting, forever secret, yet hidden totally within plain sight…”.

Only the Light….

When the sands of time run out

When all thoughts return unto their source

When the steeple bells no longer ring at twilight

And the city lights fade into an earthly past


When the shores of time are memories

When the wave no longer breaks the shore

When the moon and sun with truths intact, just cease

In my silence on the winds I will know I loved you.


From the beginning to the end

From the new dawn to the ancient night

From high above the roar of human kind

Only one Light will shine


In the silence that surrounds you

In the becoming of my soul

In the Light I carry forwards

I will know, I will know, I will know….



‘The Keeper of Scrolls’


January 2021

‘Still chasing the tide…’

A Heartbeat in Time…

A heartbeat in time
A single breath
A sign to savour
An ancient word
A path to walk
Yet non to tarry
A taken oath
In blood not broken
A chalice of hope
A guiding Light
A weary pilgrim
Wandering home
From first to last
From dusk til dawn
An earthly crown
In heaven borne
A ticking clock
A rising tide
A trumpet loud
A clash of thunder
Clouds and sky
Both ripped asunder
Climbing Angels
Giving hope
Catch their hem
A foot on the rung
Alpha to Omega
Nearly home….


‘The Keeper of Scrolls’ September 2020

In Blessed Darkness….

DSC02450 (1)

In blessed darkness will I walk my path, with footfalls silent on the earth.

Never alone I wander through an age of eternal night time

Yet fear not my lack of human companionship.

Under heavens starry canopy my becoming of self completes;

For I see the world for what it is

And in acceptance I surrender to the future.

I see the dark and light as one as they become each other.

I see the sun, moon and stars revealed through times illusion

And I see the earth bound in sorrow; secrets hidden from mankind’s view.

And yet I also see myself; I see my secret beyond the skin,

I feel the truth flowing as blood upon the land;

In truth and being I unravel upon the sands of time.

Those I knew as kin, never were

And those that truly speak come to me through ages past

Whispering the secrets to my existence from their alabaster beds.

I read the signs left hidden by kindred long ago,

I see the glory revealed in echoes of lives that still resonate

Upon the unending shores of time.

Yet is it only I who truly sees their unwritten language of the past,

Who feels their energy and patterns of life reverberating through my body?

A record left of all times gone and those yet to come.

I tread the path of the guardians, the watchers, the keepers and the protectors of Light.

I know they watch me; yet leave me be; acceptance.

Yet when the blood finally flows and the rising water cleanses

I too will protect and in my becoming, rise to new heights of understanding

Watching from the shadows I bide my time

Wearing this cloak of glorious darkness I await my time

When I too will whisper my tale upon the Hills of Destiny to those whom would listen.


‘The Keeper of Scrolls’

September 2017




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