As a priest and celebrant, I am able to facilitate your ceremonies and rites for you, whether you are a follower of the Templar path or not; the beautiful ceremonies and rites are available to all.

I am fully ordained as a Templar priest and offer my services to you with love, kindness and dedication.





  • ‘Sumalik’ The Wedding Ceremony: A beautiful ceremony which uses the original ‘Malach Vangal’, the language of the Angels. Vows are spoken and rings are exchanged as a sign of the ‘unbroken circle of love’


  • Blessing the Sick: A blessing for both sick adults and sick children alike. Performed in person, with the sick person prsent.


  • Blessing of the Home: The blessing is performed within the home, moving through and blessing each room of the home.


  • ‘Taluki’ The Exorcism:  A serious ceremony not taken on lightly, to evict spiritual beings or entities from a person, an area or space.


  • Cremation and Burial Rites:  An important ceremony to be discussed with family members. Family are encouraged to bring poems, readings, cards etc.


  • Last Rites: Conducted wherever the recipient is and as many times as they wish for


  • Burial Rites for ‘non religous’ folks: Specially written with the person who has passed completely in mind. A very personal ceremony with private consultation with the family if wished for.


Shall we dance by the moonlight on the eve of the tide.
Shall we hide in the shadows for a moment in time.
Shall we hold and embrace forever in eternity.
As the wind continues to blow and the tide returns to the sea.
Shall we hold out our hand.
Shall we open our hearts.
Shall we say of sweet times.
And love in our part.
Shall we nurture and cherish of all that we see.
For in time that is certain so to return to the sea.

(words by Karl Neville)



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(I offer my services free of charge but travel expenses and donations etc are greatfully recieved)


Reverend Janis Ford: Templar Priest and Celebrant


‘The Keeper of Scrolls’ 2023