The Secrets of Mary Magdalen

Some of the deep truths of existence; the metaphysical secrets of being and of the potential that humankind can obtain.


1. Visualisation (Inner-focus)
This is the first tool of the Practitioner, when we travel upon the sphere of time we must recognise that the energies contained and the energies free-flowing are that of love and trust. The core understanding is that if we open our hearts to gnosis, then we will empower our minds to open upon the sphere, and to aid us we practice the base principles of breathing and thought. By entering the place of the between, we are entering the place of being between the worlds. When we visualise, we open our soul to be able to transform. Therefore, it is essential that when we arrive back to the earthly plain that we mentally (and physically) close our minds and souls to receive balance once more

2. The R.o.s.e (The Pentagram)
Roses are built upon five sepals, and if we draw around the sepals and further join the tips, we achieve the pentagram and further the skeletal structure of the human. For centuries the R.o.s.e has been drawn at the base of a cross, denoting the alchemical transformation (the cross within a circle formed), from the pentagram of life itself, the true spirituality of existence. It is an emblem of matter and anti-matter, brought together in union to become the spirit of energy within creation.

3. The Star (The Mark of Ara: Venus & Mercury)
The Mark of Arra (true form of Ara; meaning time), with this mark we are protected and can transform, heal, and bless. We can further relate to the six-pointed star, the perfection of two equilateral triangles inter-locking to merge as a blazing star. By visualising the six-pointed star within our minds, will lead us to the inner divisions of our soul, and thus empower us to unlock our hearts. It is the point of being where magic resides within us. It is the power of the Goddess-God; it is where chaos can be truly magical.

4. The Breath (Enlil – The Lord of Air)
One breath unites us as whole, as oneness; we are able to ascend to the ‘nous’; the centre of our being and creation of time itself. By breathing on a magical level (adjust the rhythm and strength), we are able to open our hearts, and therefore able to travel by the R.o.s.e; ‘The Breath of Life’ itself.

5. The Rainbow Chalice (The Me)
The Chalice is used to represent the Me; it is the core foundation of all that is and all that was. The serpent, chalice, and the stone are interconnected. Use the chalice wisely, and in forms of rich metals and quartz will the inner elixir of immortality be attained. Use this to release the inner thoughts and powers of the waters of life. The chalice aligned within the sequence of space and time will hold the mysteries of the Art.

6. Silence (The Power of Prayer and Thought)
This is the true power of the Goddess. The teachings of the Golden Age of perfection, has taught us that to be silent is to be Holy, to be Holy and attuned is to be at peace. Peace is silence and silence is peace. Listen and you will hear the thoughts through the winds of the Earth.

7. The Rainbow Bridge (The Entrance)
This is the entrance of the walking of time and space, for one must walk down the staircase to bridge the divide and unite all as one. Blood and Bone, Soul and Body; will enrich the fruits of labours. Our temple is our soul, and with our temple and faith well founded we are able to enter in peace, love, and truth.


Taken from the teaching of the Knights Templar Degrees (The Knights Bible)

‘The Keeper of Scrolls’  November 2016

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