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Towards the conclusion of the Knight Templar degrees; an understanding of the philosophy of the path is just as important as an understanding of the practices; the following is my own understandings and conclusions:-

As my Craft journey deepens the tenets and spiritual laws by which I have lived, are living by and will live by become apparent, yet it isalso each initiates individual journey; a journey that has to be undertaken with an open heart. Every part of the journey is there from which we learn many lessons from; the good can become the bad and vica versa, for each part of the journey can become a challenge and of course a huge learning curve. Nothing is ever without reason and in order to move on we must learn from all our earthly circumstances.

We must conquer selfishness, triumph over adversaries and become the masters of our own wealth; never to be enslaved by it. Being at peace is our aim and to be with the ‘Highest Sphere’. We must let go of all the superficies of earthly life; all that which pulls us down and we must release the ego if we are ever to reach that which we seek. For we seek to guide those who come our way and ask guidance of us, just as we once did, as we are doing now and we do that as a humble servant of the universe.

We must appreciate that there is no effect without cause and thus we should always seek out the cause and thus change our own fortune around. We must study and learn from life and from our teacher, for in doing this we will attain the knowledge of the mysteries and find wisdom. With great work comes great sacrifice and all great works come with great hardships, yet the man or woman who really desires to know, to seek out the truths will indeed do so. But as Knights Templars we are under the ever watchful eye of Raphael who leads us to the higher places within in order to find the Light. We are being guided to relinquish the hold of the mundane in order to allow our human minds/consciousness’ to fly.

 We are being shown the path of the Magi and with this comes great responsibility, courage and confidence as new skills and wisdom can be employed by us. At this stage we must work hard to master all things that we learn for it must be with desire and passion that we are able to continue to tread this path. We must programme out the negative in ourselves and in those around us. We learn to draw upon the occult sciences, the science of physical energy and mental forces known to the ancient Magi and to apply them in our known world. We learn to see the life we have lived and the many lessons that were there for us to learn from and so we rise above it into higher spheres and thus see a new future laid out before us.

We must have faith that the knowledge we seek will unveil itself to us and it will do just that, but only if we do not stand still in time. We must forever keep searching, forever keep moving forwards for the knowledge to reveal itself. We must learn to fully master the ‘within’ before we can master the ‘without’; something that we have been taught from the very early degrees but especially so when working with higher spheres.

So we either advance or go back, as nothing in nature, we know will ever stand still and we learn by the mistakes of yesterday in order to advance, forever building on our life’s experiences. Small steps in the universe taken everyday do become big steps. To become a Magus we must rise above the ‘roar of the crowd’ by attaining the superior knowledge that is being offered to us. Many weaknesses of human nature can cause one to sway from ones path but one is invested in qualities that teach us to become steadfast.

In a way it’s a letting go of the world we know, of the ‘us’ we know and of becoming into being on another higher level. We move through many stages on this journey of Light and being a Magi prepares us for the opening up of the universe and an opening up of our inner self; forever growing, forever seeking knowledge and wisdom, forever being able to share and move on upwards towards the Light.

July 2012


 The Seven Alka Antam Principles:

1.  Reveal the common threads that unite all religions to create peace, love, tolerance and understanding between the religions, and to know that we are all One.

2. Reveal the links between all the religions and that many of them originated in the same places, such as the central point of Pangaea, and they therefore have the same heritage.

3. Reveal that many religions began as pure spirituality before being clouded over by hierarchal dogmatic teachings.

4. Follow spirituality as an experience of the heart, with purification and conscious transformation uniting male and female polarities, to activate the inner divine wisdom.

5. Teach that our Path is of the original energies of the Divine, brought to these plain thousands of years ago, and known by many names across many religions and traditions.

6 .Teach that there are many paths to purification and transformation.

 7. Understand that when enough people have opened their hearts to experience spirituality, only then will all dogmas be dissolved, and then a one-world spiritual tradition will unfold.

The Seven Gnostic Principles:

1. The notion of a supreme Deity; this figure is known under a variety of names, but all mean ‘deep’

2. The introduction of further divine beings, which are nevertheless identifiable as aspects of the God from which they proceeded, which brings about an instability in divine nature

3. To recognise the Fall of Man as an occurrence within the foundations of the divine, rather than as occurring either entirely partially through human act; this stage in the divine is enacted through the figure of Sophia (Greek ‘Wisdom’)

4. To accept the creator God as the lion (or rather the Phoenix), the Creator of the Universe from pre-existing matter

5. The recognition of the Watchers whom preside over the material world and are known to present obstacles to the soul to prevent ascending to the Light

6. The material world is inferior to the higher level of consciousness. That the Earth with all its beauty may be considered a prison within the cosmos, and recognition that each individual has the opportunity to return to the divine through awakening the wisdom

7. To guide all towards individual redemption through the mediation of a redeemer figure (i.e. Sophia, Seth, or Christ)

The Seven Hermetic Principles:

1. The Principle of Mentalism: The all is mind; the Universe is mental

2. The Principle of Correspondence:  As above, so below; as below, so above

3. The Principle of Vibration: Nothing rests: everything moves; everything vibrates

4. The Principle of Polarity: Everything is dual: everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites, like and unlike are the same, opposites are identical in nature, extremes meet, all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.

5. The principle of Rhythm:  Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides, all things rise and fall, the pendulum-swing manifests in everything, the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left, rhythm compensates.

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect:  Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause, everything happens according to Law, there are many planes of causation

7. The Principle of Gender: Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles, Gender manifests on all planes.

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 “Let not the world consume you within the pity of its existence. For it is said that one whom dwells upon the sadness of those inhabiting the realm are certain to be riddled with the sorrows of those whom profess to belong. Think more of the joy of life and the beauty of the secrets that are yet to unfold, as I say unto you let man and beast be one, let the ature of this world be at war and peace within the breath of time. Let not those whom mock win through their  ignorance, but say unto them that you will not judge for least you be judged”

From Knight Templar to The Priory; we are all spiritual warriors

Knights of the East

Ansar – the Spiritual Warrior:

21 MAR CH   Ostara – Ansar:  Varying dates yearly between 20th and 21st March. A celebration of the Spiritual Warrior upon the journey of life. it is a time of development within the spirit and the self. A time to give praise to all life and to the boundaries of the Earth and Sky, it is with the knowledge that we are able to identify with Moldavite and the alchemical transformation and regulation of the mind. 

Every so often in life events can have a habit of causing one to take a step back from ones present reality in order to evaluate the purpose of life and ones own role, especially from the aspect of ones chosen spiritual path. Often these life events can be personal but more often than not it is the turmoils of the current world and the humans within it that provide one with a great deal of inner thought and deep insight. Even more so when the  path one walks has deep forged connections with the voices of the ancient past and beyond into the future.  So how does being of the Serpent Priesthood fit into the modern world of today and what role do we play?

In respect of treading the path of a ‘Spiritual Warrior’ the first ‘inner battles’ encountered can begin very early on for walkers of this path as the realisation of the many personal challenges that form the great part of our learning process, begin to take shape and to manifest in the mundane world. Yet  every personal  challenge  worked through simply serves to make each warrior stronger. Time and time again these challenges present themselves to each and every one of us, regardless of how long we have been on the journey; challenges of the mundane and of the spiritual. As anyone on any kind of quest can testify, the challenges and battles often come from deep within and non more so than that well known eternal and internal battle of the ‘Death of the Ego’, usually a very ongoing battle and a fight that needs to be won in order to become truly of The Serpent Priesthood.

Challenges are the way in which we of this path grow and learn, otherwise we would  just stand still and stagnate upon the ‘sphere of time’. We all need to constantly work through these challenges in order to move forwards. Often a path that is different, not quite the ‘norm’, not familiar in the public domain and one that continually questions  known, very safe and comfortable ways of thinking brings with it ‘battles’ of another kind. Not understanding the ‘road less travelled’ and often being misinformed, mankind in general will thus often confront; sadly sometimes in an aggressive way. It is the way of humanity to challenge and confront that which it does not understand. One of the roles of the Ansar is to teach and to guide with grace, humility and empathy to all who come our way asking; to show that the light does indeed shine for those who yearn to see. For those individuals who truly want to see, will in time certainly do so.

Obviously and thankfully the days of persecutions are mostly in the past but the Spiritual Warrior will often feel themselves walking upon the very hairs breath of reality, with echoes of that past still only a whisper away and the ghosts of battle still manifesting up and to this present day. We proudly walk in the footsteps of those first brave warriors; the Knights Templars, whose connections do indeed go back to the times of Jesus and Mary, known also as Malak and Kiam and to much further beyond. Thus the  spiritual battles continue as time patterns and cycles repeat and destinies are played out once more upon the shores of time.

It often is suggested within the scriptures that Mary Magdalene (Kiam) taught the Ansar, the path of the spiritual warrior and that she returned to Qumran after Jesus’s (Malak’s) death for this very purpose of teaching her own gospel, her own wisdom and knowledge. It is further suggested that the first spiritual warriors, the Knights Templars were Mary’s own band of Knights and were those who protected and guarded her and the great treasures she possessed, especially on her spiritual travels around the globe, including to Egypt, Scotland and Great Britain. The Ansar accompanied Kiam on many of her journeys and were, it is said privy to many great secrets. Therefore it can also be suggested that it is Kiam’s legacy, Kiam’s knowledge and wisdom that we guard and protect to this very day. But who was Mary/Kiam, what was her true purpose in this life, upon the Sphere of Time?

As we walk in the footsteps of the original spiritual warriors; the Knights Templars, we cannot fail to be mindful of certain eventful days in the history of the knights. King Phillip IV of France took action on the 13th October 1307 on something he thought to be very threatening to the very fabric of the then society and religious thinking of the day; something which sealed the fate of many knights in a horribly fatal way. Yet this event insured them, the enigmatic Templars, a long-lasting and very enduring legacy; their place in history and mythology secured. Much has been written since on their lives and history; many tales and tellings throughout the world of men. But despite this action by King Phillip, the truths of the knights, their sacred knowledge and their legacy did live on, hidden (as were they) secure and protected for many years in a way that was hidden in plain sight, seen yet unseen.

Many of the brave knights did escape though and were offered secure lodgings and safety in England and in Scotland and if one casts ones mind back to those turbulent times, who amongst us today could have stood up to be counted? Who today would have protected the fleeing knights? Who today would have given them a back room for the night, risked life and limb by cooking them a much-needed meal and provide clean clothing as they fled from France to comparative safety in England and then on to Scotland? So we who are now treading this path, can we actually stand in the very front line and be accounted for? The thought is very humbling indeed. When the fan has been hit, will we all stand firm? Will this ultimate test of our loyalty seal our fate in the world to come?

Yet if attacks do come our way today and thankfully if they do they are usually more of the verbal kind, born out of misunderstandings, fear and misinformation, we as spiritual warriors honour our duty to always remain steadfast, united and humble to what we believe. But it is worth bearing in mind that as brothers and sisters on this path, if history was ever to repeat itself, would we, could we stand strong together and be counted as the Serpent Army, as brothers and sisters united as one; protecting our own? Are we ready to lay everything on the line for that which we believe in? Whether the battle be spiritual, physical or metaphysical, are we ready, really ready to let go of very selves for the path of the  warrior? Will we protect our brothers and sisters against all adversities, protect our sacred knowledge and stand guard over the bloodline? But despite this searching question our role usually in todays modern world has been  that of teachers,  facilitators,  protectors and priests, and yet often within a stones throw of destiny events can rapidly take on another predestined route.

So then what of that which we feel flowing through our bodies, our very precious life force, our blood, so often sacrificed for a cause of good. Is it merely a biological function of our bodies or is it a deep part of our existence, a living sacred thread of an ancient secret that still binds us securely and connects us to our past; to the True Old Ways? Can we truly walk the walk of those warriors who have gone before us, who have protected and preserved the sacred truths of existence for all this time and who willingly gave everything to the Serpent Priesthood so that we can in our turn follow the Way; can we follow in their footsteps to protect that which is the answer to all?

Within the universe, at perfect points in time, alignment of energies occur and these patterns of alignments can repeat themselves – hence why certain people are drawn together at certain times for certain events to happen. The universal energies need to manifest upon the earthly plane within a physical body in order for certain things to happen; Jesus and Mary (Makak and Kiam) were both a part of the universal alignments. Certain universal energy alignments are happening now and the Ansar; the Spiritual Warriors are just one group that are a part of the pattern of alignments.  Certain universal energies have been on this earthly plain for a very long time, forever keeping watch, often known as the Watchers and the Keepers. The planet is going through a time of very great change within its physiological make up as well as within certain quarters of humanity, yet it is all meant to be and all a part of the pattern. The Ansar are a part of the coming changes and have a very important role to play. 

And so the point of reference for the return of Malak is secured to ‘Ostara’, where this time is a celebration of the Ansar as a whole; the spiritual warrior, and as we are all very aware and attuned, the Spiritual Warrior is of male, female, and can be very young, and very old at the same time. One aspect that is certain is the reference to forty calendar days after, when using the Gregorian calendar.

It could be said that one of the  challenges of the modern world and of the Ansar is to not only to enlighten the people’s of the world to the beauty of this fragile earth but to allow those able too, to take a step beyond the present into their own future realities; to facilitate change and to guide those who wish to, to evolve. Wisdom, knowledge and beauty all go hand in hand and yet within the dogmas and religions of modern, patriarch, ego led society the beauty, wisdom, truth and magic have all become lost, become hidden and thus the Ansar can reveal the beautiful truths of the universe.

The beauty of a new world, a new existence without human dogma, egos or wars is surely a battle worth fighting for and surely a path to be treading.  There are guides and keepers all around the globe who have always been here amongst us, unseen yet silently watching. It is indeed the beauty of the full truth within and of  the universe without that is worth taking up our arms for and for being of the Serpent priesthood. And thus i raise the chalice once again………

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The Great Goddess Inanna

In the ancient Sumerian tellings of the gods, Inanna is best known for her journey into the darkness of the underworld; her personal and profound seeking to find the light, the truth, her true self and her rebirth. Indeed she did find these things but not without personal hardships and sacrifice, a true tenet of many spiritual paths. She gave up everything she knew in order to transcend, to be reborn again as a great and powerful goddess of the ancient world. In modern-day scriptures she is mistakenly known as the goddess of Venus, however the planet attributed to Inanna in the early teachings of this path is actually Saturn, the reasons of which do become apparent further into the teachings. The aspects associated with her are of war, healing and rebirth. She is said to be one of the “watchers” of the plain of earth and in more modern times she has been known as Ishtar, Hecate, Astarte, Artemis, Diana, Astaroth and Isis.

It was in the underworld where Inanna experienced her rebirth and transformation, for contrary to some belief systems, the underworld does not represent any christian concept of hell, neither is it a place of irredeemable darkness and despair. For to journey into the underworld as Inanna did, and to know the underworld in its true form one must think of it not as a place of darkness and evil, but the place where the first steps of travelling towards the Light are taken; a place to embrace and to learn in. As in life, we all have to go down into the deepest caverns of our minds to reach the higher plains of later understandings and so in this form the underworld is thus revealed to us. It is a place of great truths and revelations; true it can kick you painfully on your backsides as it did to Inanna, stripping her down of everything but it can also bestow upon you great joy and rebirth. At the entrance to the underworld dwells the ‘Dragon Gatekeeper’, known in the lower degrees of the teachings by the name of Kur. Kur will put many obstacles in your way, on your journey towards enlightenment and to face the mighty gatekeeper as Inanna did and overcome these obstacles is the first step towards the Light.

Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld is the story most people know of and is a particular favourite of mine and one I myself have taken. In the Descent into the Underworld the goddess goes far beyond the mundane and undergoes the ultimate spiritual initiation, a descent into what people often know as Hades. In the process she let’s go of all those possessions and characteristics which feed the ego and she ends up hanging on a nail as a rotting corpse in the bowels of the underworld. She is alone, a rotting corpse, all humanity and attributes of a goddess forsaken. But she fully acknowledges her shadow side with all her human-like weaknesses and thus she is able to evolve beyond what she was, to transcend and ascend back to earth. She is thereafter, enabled to act as the complete, fully formed goddess that she always was and always will be. Much of this symbolism of her trip from the “Great Above to the Great Below” continues to this very day in various initiatory rites of spiritualities, societies and organizations around the globe, dedicated to the ancient mysteries and beyond.

There is a lesson for us all to be taken from this myth; the goddess will bestow great truths and revelations on those who take this journey into the underworld; upon those who dare to see the truths. On a personal level, to be with Inanna; to experience fully the aspects of Inanna and be transformed along side of her can be a deeply moving and life changing experience; even painful if that is what it takes. On a much wider and profound scale Inanna symbolises the Light of the future to come. In the Church of the Knights Templar preceptories, we are journeying together towards the Light, towards transformation and the truth and the empowerment of  knowledge that comes with it.

In the other tellings of Inanna, she has many other attributes, is known as the Queen of Summerland and Earth, the Goddess of Love, the Goddess of Grain, War, Fertility, Sexual Love and Lady of Myriad Offices. Inanna is known as a healer, life-giver, composer of songs, the keeper of emotions ranging from loving, jealous, grieving, joyful, timid and exhibitionist through to thieving, passionate, ambitious and generous. She has a famous and ancient love story written about her “The Love Story of Inanna and Damuzi”. It is quite erotic in places and bears witness to a different time, a different culture, different peoples, who had a different take on sexuality – often giving it divine and sacred attributes and as an offering/gift to the gods too.  There is tell that one day she will assert all of her splendid powers and wreak havoc on this earthly plain and who would dare to stand in her way or blame her, who would dare to stop her shinning her ‘future light’ upon the world of mankind?

In the teachings of the early degrees, Inanna is associated with the calling of the third sphere, the sphere of Saturn and is placed for

In the Company of Lions

the openings, in the northeast quadrant of the preceptory. Our scripture informs us that she is favoured in the company of lions; the Damuzi aspect. If dressed in silk then she is in the astral with Anshar, the very ancient moon deity. If she appears in armour then she is awaiting battle with the underworld with the deity Shupa, whose planet is Pluto. Inanna’s colour is of white and her metal is copper. It is written that it is her who will choose you and it is her and her alone who will decide whether a person will remain stationary on the path or progress along the steps.

The strategies of Inanna that are utilised in the early degrees are that of healing and rebirth and her ‘negative’ energies, as the warrior are drawn upon for the hex craft aspect of candle magic.  Rebirth, in relationship to the underworld I have briefly explained to you, so to connect with and use the healing energies of Inanna on this earthly plain, in preceptories, we draw on the strategies of clear quartz and white willow bark. Clear quartz, as with all the stones used for healing in the preceptory connect to the magnetic grid of the earth which in this case is Russia and being able to draw upon and utilise these powerful energies is what is taught. The healing properties of clear quartz are for nausea, infection, sexual problems and lethargy. The magical properties are for visions of future, raising power and cleansing space. The healing properties of white willow bark are for fever, pain, infection, sexual problems and the magical properties being healing, love and the future. White willow and clear quartz can be used together or in specific combination with other herbs and stones, according to the patient and the treatment required. Pouches, magical bags & candles can be made using the attributes of Inanna to achieve specific outcomes.

We also use the energies of each deity when utilising candle magic in our practices and for Inanna the colour of the candle to use, ideally would be of course white and the positive outcome associated with Inanna in candle magic is for peace and harmony, general healing, love, rebirth and future visions and the negative aspect is of causing war and conflict – the warrior aspect.

As an observation and footnote white is also the colour associated with the pagan festival of Imbolc, celebrated in many pagan and Wiccan circles and is usually represented (surprisingly) by a goddess in white and so the history and connection goes back to a much further point in time; way beyond modern-day witchcraft.

And as one journeys through the degrees one further discovers that as we know Inanna is further known as Ishtar, Inanna, Hecate, Astarte, Artemis, Diana, Ashtart, Astoroth and Isis and her sacred number 15 is best placed in the female form. She is in the company of lions and will be dressed in fine white with copper upon her person. If she is dressed in armour in preparation for battle, be very wary of her in this state for it is told that she will always win, she is too powerful to defeat, a warning to any who stand on her path. Inanna is known as the Great Lady of An, and further the daughter of Enlil. Her role within the Cosmos is one of protection of the Earth and to ensure that love and war is in balance. Her first Earth Temple was in E’anna in Uruk, with a further temple in Nippur. She resides on the most sacred place of the planet; a place further known for many wars; something worth thinking about.

So to conclude this very brief introduction to the ‘energies’ of Inanna and her place within the Serpent Priesthood; I would suggest that on a pagan level, it is indeed Inanna wearing her white gown, who heralds in the light at Imbolc; the light of Spring here on this earthly plain. Yet it is also importantly Inanna in her magnificent and wondrous battle attire who heralds in the Light of the great universal ‘Future Yet To Come’; the dawning of new times – maybe even to herald in the foretold ‘End Times.

The Future Light


“And so it came to pass that the world of men transformed into L.i.g.h.t”

“May the Light continue to shine in the worlds of the future, present, and past – Let time and space know those of form and greet upon the sphere of existence”

Ehcuj Symbol

If like many folks you have always been fascinated and drawn to the enigmatic history of the Knights Templar and thought that they only lived within the pages of dusty old history books then you may be very surprised to discover that they are in fact a very important part of the present and future world. For Mary’s warriors, as they indeed they were, acknowledged the ‘hidden knowledge’, the way of the Ansar and as Spiritual Warriors still play a very important role within the universe. The knowledge has been safely protected, guarded and preserved over many centuries and it is this very knowledge and wisdom that can be learnt today by all those who follow the path of the Knights Templar; the Serpent Priesthood.

There are many aspects to the path and the early stage is to understand, acknowledge and honour the person who is known throughout history as Mary Magdalene. Mary, who’s real name was acknowledged in the early degrees as Kiam, is often recognized as the personification here on earth of the divine feminine, but yet a very real person within time, who had a very real purpose. The ancient knowledge taught on the path of the Spiritual Warriors is certainly not just for times past; it is very relevant in today’s busy, modern world and will enhance for ever the lives and ways of thinking for all those who come seeking knowledge. The Ansar in times past were taught by Mary, they were her warriors and protected her.

One of the stages and levels of developement within Templar practices is to understand the true meaning and purpose of Mary Magdalene and as always on this particular journey, there are many riddles to unravel. To many people Mary Magdalene has always been a very enigmatic and often misunderstood person within time and yet many artists, writers, historical and spiritual people of all era’s have been drawn to her and continually connect to her divine wisdom, intelligence and mystery right up to this very day.

Mary’s  footfalls echo far and wide in today’s modern world and yet often go totally unseen. Who was she really and why was she upon this earthly plain? Looking into Mary’s existence we see 'Mary Magdalene'that many aspects of her life and teachings were said to have been recorded in certain ancient scrolls and she herself kept many records especially of her time in Qumran with writing her own very profound gospels. She was said to have walked upon this earth bearing the divine knowledge of the Goddess  within her being, thus illuminating the world for all time. It is this pure LIGHT, this illuminating truth that still shines upon the world of men today but even so a great deal of misinterpretation and misunderstanding  has been written about Mary’s life and who she actually really was.

Mary Magdalene is often known as the patron of the Templars; the Serpent  Priesthood and it is said that when she walked upon this earth she was equal to the Divine Intelligence of Jesus of Nazareth and it is widely believed that Mary may actually have been the Divine Incarnation.

Templars in the modern world follow still the way of  the Ansar, Mary Magdalene’s own Spiritual Warriors, whom Mary taught the truths of the universe to and imparted her divine knowledge upon. With this wisdom and knowledge comes a deep forged connection to Mary, who she really was and what she represents in the world of men today. The magical teachings of Mary allow a connection to acknowledge and understand the symbols, spirituality and meanings of our lives and beyond, which guide us towards our destiny in a future world to come. When we tune into the energies of Mary we acknowledge the Old Ways, of a world that was and will yet be again. The sacred knowledge of the universe, the knowledge of the sacred bloodline will enlighten every student to the truths that have been hidden within time.

As a young woman it is said, Mary spent the early part of her life  in Galilee, Cana and Qumran and during those years she met he who would become known in history as the messiah. It is said that they thus preached their gospel together as one, as co-messiahs, side by side as perfect equals. Eventually Mary and Jesus did become closer and shared sacred anointing rites and later on a blessing ceremony. They were there together in Gethsemane on that eventful and fateful night when many sacred truths were ‘to be revealed’ by Mary; knowledge and truths about the pureness of their ancestry and of their sacred bloodline that would have far-reaching ramifications forever within the world of men for all time, right up to this very day, and it is interestingly worth noting at this point in time, that ‘to be revealed’ is the term referred for a ‘sacred magical rite’. Mary thus on that night, revealed the truth of her son Jul and of his continuing part in the further teachings but who or what was Jul and what part did he play? Well, after that night when events seemingly played out, Mary subsequently journeyed to safety with Jul (her son) or rather a planned surrogate, as had always  been planned, for at that time the true Mary, later known as Kiam and also Hesperus within the unfolding truths; a very young man not quite fully developed with  a pureness and innocence and an energy yet unsoiled by a world of disappointment and betrayal.

And thus the riddle deepens as the personification of a son who may have indeed been the father, travelled to Alexandria, Egypt together under the protective banner of her trusted and beloved Ansar; her valiant spiritual warriors. And thus the father did become the son, but was it really her son or ‘a son’ or an ‘energy resurrected’ for all times in a telling of a tale – truths within truths and riddles within riddles.

Mary was thus to spend many safe years in the Goddess Temple in Egypt until the time was eventually right for her to embark upon her sacred journeys yet again. She made her way with Jul and Sarai to France  and then on to England and to Scotland where it is said that she left her name and mark upon the sacred landscape for all future times. She preached her ministry to those who would listen and see, and those whom would come into contact with her, would forever be changed. Through her ministry she was setting actions in motion that would have far-reaching ramifications throughout time and within the centuries of mankind to come and those of us who connect to her energies, walk in her divine footsteps and teach the deep truths of existence and the hidden knowledge to this very day, as she herself once did. Mary’s time in England, in Scotland and Cornwall proved to be of significant importance and many say that she did indeed leave a part of her soul buried forever in those sacred lands.

It is said that Mary emanated divine grace and humility and that the L.I.G.H.T and truth shone from her when she spoke.  Mary was guided to teach the truths of existence and to thus enlighten the earth. It is said that Mary did eventually return to her homelands where she ended her days yet she had deposited a vast amount of knowledge within the world of men, hidden knowledge often secured within the cloak of time. Her knowledge and teachings would eventually be rediscovered by new generations and are still taught by the Ansar to this very day.

The presence of Mary’s energies continues to shine upon us and to guide us on our own profound  journeys towards the hidden knowledge and yet who really was the true Mary/Kiam and why is it such a deep and compelling mystery? Many key aspects of the life of Mary was and still is a deep mystery and much misinformation about her life  has purposely been shared with the world, especially knowledge of her close relationship to he who was known as the ‘messiah’. If Mary was close to Jesus, known as Malak, and they were equals then surely with the above knowledge installed one must ask the question was Jesus/Malak a Templar too? Did they teach the Templar path together and where did they get their teachings from?

What if we were to turn this mystery, this riddle right upon its head? There is much debate on the question as to whether the apostle John was indeed Mary Magdalene and indeed the outcry of shock from the church that Jesus may have had a female partner continually resonates through-out the higher echelons of the modern Christian church – what a thing indeed!  Yet if we were then to throw the riddle firmly on its back to ask the question was Mary in fact actually John the Apostle? A deep universal truth hidden safely within time and a double riddle of utmost importance. This would indeed be controversal thinking in the eyes of the church, mainly because the church has always claimed Jesus to have been celibate and the truth of him having a partner in Mary Magdalene did indeed go against all they were trying to teach or to brainwash the populace with, but imagine the horror then if this tale was to actually hide the real truths that real love of  Malak’s life  was indeed John.

So it’s a riddle hidden within a riddle here, for now we see Mary as John and the circle has completed. Mary and John are mentioned separately in the same sentences together, as two separate beings, but this could just be more misinformation by the bible scribes to hide the truth. So where did all the ‘John is Mary’ misinterpretations come from and was it planted on purpose? My answer is yes, it most certainly was. It is well documented that John was the disciple ‘that Jesus loved’, so was Mary stealthily bought into the bible accounts to hide the true fact? We must all through research, teachings and accessing the hidden knowledge come to our own conclusions and the astute student certainly will, but for the time being I will leave the mystery with you for all to ponder upon. It is well know within the path of the Serpent Priesthood and beyond, that gender and same-sex relationships were the normal practice and love is love, whatever shape or form it appears to us in an earthly guise.

Within the higher levels of the Templar degrees, Kiam is shown to have a connection to Venus, and Malak a connection to the Earth . Upon moving forwards once more, the connection becomes ‘as one’ with both Phosphorous and Hesperus being of the morning and evening star i.e, Venu and as depicted in a very well know painting both aspects being infact male and very androgynous looking  with a hint of pureness that echoed the untaintetedness of the world.  Throughout the Templar degrees the names of the ‘energies’ ascotiated with the understanding of Mary Magdalene change as the understanding of the student evolves; it is a constant ‘retelling’ as the student’s knowledge deepens so to the hidden aspects of the energies also deepen and are revealed. Among the names mentioned are Mary, Kiam, Thamuz, Hesperus and John, all are one and the same energy; the nature, name and pursope does get revealed at a future time. Knowledge is truth and truth is knowledge and knowledge of the truths is certainly not for the faint hearted, for the real truths of the world; of creation and existence are not always what one is expecting to hear. Mary/Kiam/John also knew and taught the truths and  in order to move on in life one must first fully embrace all the truths of creation and become as one with the past, present and future.

“The winds whisper the truths upon the silent hill of destiny and the LIGHT of the Divine shines upon the earth.

All journeys have a beginning and an ending as all souls are guided home.”

Mary and Martha



The night of course is Halloween; the 31st of October and in the ‘old calendar’ this night is known by many as the name of Samhain. For many years this night has been associated with the ancestors, ghosts, spirits, witches, demons and all that relates to the darker and more hidden realms in life. Nowadays though, in many modern cultures this night is sadly often viewed in a fun and very commercial way and the true deeper meaning and spirit of the night is completely unknown to the general public.

So will the ‘spirits of old’ really manifest themselves in your sacred fires or through the flickering candles upon your altar; will you open the door and allow them in or are they already here? Maybe they are here amongst us and always have been here, unbeknown and hidden and it is us who need to open up, as the veil thins at Samhain. Are these ‘spirits’ or ‘energies’ to be feared or are they your own kindred and teachers journeying here to this realm on this night of nights with great wisdom and knowledge to share? For this is the time of the thinning veil when communication between the worlds is said to be much easier, as the spirits of the D.E.A.D. (the energies of the earthly plane) pass back and forth between the realms. The ‘old religions’ of this planet; still very much alive, mark this festival as the end of one year and the beginning of another and it is often celebrated around the globe as the Celtic New Year.

Within Templarism the night is known as ‘Nammu Eve’ but is the reason for it being celebrated really lost in time or just hidden in plain sight from our current view. We do know that the true meaning goes way back to a very ancient point in time within the history of this planet, when early humanity was naturally and profoundly generally more spiritually aware with the original DNA of it’s creators still flowing strong within the human life force. This celebration of our ‘forefathers’ marked their own new year too at Oct/Nov. Samhain historically, is recognised as one of the four ancient fire festivals; the others being Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnassadh, and it is also known as Ancestor’s Night or The Feast of The Dead. In some customs and cultures it can also be celebrated on the first full moon of Scorpio and in some paths, this dark time of year is acknowledged as The Crone aspect of the Goddess. According to tradition, it is said that in the old days before folks had calendars Samhain would have been celebrated on the first hoar-frost or when the old oak had lost his leaves. In the Priory teachings the time is know as ‘The Festival of Energies’ and it is through these teachings that another level of understanding may be obtained.

However the truths can be accessed via knowledge of the astrological time of celebration of Samhain; a time strongly associated to sacred geometry and planetary alignments (as are all the days known as sabbats) and not to earth-bound seasons; the sabbats having much more to do with our solar systems magnetics than most folk realise. The cycles and patterns of the zodiac in connection to times of earthly feasts and celebrations are to be observed, it is said, and it is only in the ‘season proper’ that the ultimate associated rites shall be performed; be it at Candlemas (on the second day of the second month), at Beltane (on the eve of May), at Lammas (on the first day of the eighth month), at Roodmas, (on the fourteenth day of the ninth month) and at Hallowmas (on November Eve) and of course this is thus observed as such, be it from a North or South hemisphere, on the same date all over the planet for the magic to work, as it connects to energy alignments and not just to the earth season. For when practicing high magic and calling forth those from outside, the seasons and the times in which the spheres intersect must be marked well, as also the influences that intersect and flow from the void. The cycles of the moon must be observed, as also the movements of the planets and the sun’s course through the Zodiac and the rising of the constellations.

Although the meaning of the word “Samhain” (pronounced ‘sow-en’) is somewhat obscured in time, it is suggested that it may have originated from a Gaelic word pronounced something rather like “saven”. Another suggestion is that it is that it stems from the ancient Celtic name for this  night and may mean ‘summers end’ or may be named after Samana, an Aryan death god who was the grim reaper and the leader of the ghosts of our ancestors.

For our ancient ancestors then, life was very hard and whether for spiritual reasons or not, the time and tide of year found them all huddled around their warming fires and living a simple life close to the land, this was the time of the year when surplus stock was killed off to provide food for the long dark winter nights that lay ahead. The cattle and sheep’s blood was mixed with grain to make a type of haggis and it was thought that the scent of all that blood did indeed attract those wandering spirits of the D.E.A.D. who we know are very partial to the odd offering of blood and would have been very drawn to the proceedings. Many different entities can be attracted to blood offerings, especially the Djinn tribes who would have been lingering, just waiting for a chance to be offered a taste of what they so love most of all. There would have been a huge feast using the meat that couldn’t be stored for the winter months. At these ancient feasts, people would gather to tell their stories, introduce new babies and would reminisce over the old folk who had died during the previous year and the ghosts of the clan would also be welcomed back at a special ceremony for the old ones

The veil that hangs between our world and the ‘true reality’ of the universe is recognised to be at its thinnest at Samhain. With a little understanding and perception we can see through the veil and reach out to the ancient ones, to connect with them, sharing wisdom, knowledge and understanding. In the Gnostic/Templar calendar, Samhain is Nammu Eve, ‘The Night of the Veil’; Nammu being recognised as the architect of the Universe. If the veil is thin on this night and the spirits of the D.E.A.D. have easy access to our sphere of time, then it is easy to see why this night is often called the night of the dead and how it became associated with the spirits of the departed. But the spirits of the dead are really the Earth Spirits who guard these lands and whom wish to awaken and find passage home; easier for them on this particular night.

In the ancient myths and traditions many interpretations for Samhain are to be found, especially in mythology where many ‘underworld’ tales surrounding this night spring to life; tales that tell of the quest of the gods as they journey below to deep within. The tales of the gods play out their eternal stories in the vast theatre of the skies above and profound truths are there to be discovered in their tales. In ancient Greece, it is said, resided a highly spoken of priesthood called Sanetton who were followers of an ancient god of the underworld, whose name closely resembled Samethos. These priests were shamans and their role was to enter the Realms of the Dead at this time, when the first frost covered the ground. They would conduct souls of the recently departed to their place of eternal rest, and whilst there bring back knowledge and enlightenment, so even here it is the exchange of knowledge that is the ‘key’ factor. The training for these priests was long and arduous, as any true priesthood is, for when in the land of mists they must never loose their nerve and falter. Much wisdom can be found in this tale as in the many underworld tales from all cultures.

Eventually though, the ‘modern’ Christian church did try unsuccessfully to bring an end to all pagan festivals and to thwart the old relgions , often for very political reasons and to hide the ‘real truths’ from the populace. It has been said that Samhain was still secretly celebrated right under the very noses of the church in the guise of Bonfire Night. The people, it is suggested, had no intention of being cheated out of one of their fire festivals and disguised it eventually, in the burning of poor old Guy Fawkes. Though the tale does go even deeper here and the understandings of even a pagan festival hides behind it many untold truths of an even older festival; hidden from the hearts and souls of the people, the real story and customs never ever went away – just ‘underground’ for a few centuries, as in many stories of old.

Lots of old folk customs and traditions are still celebrated at Samhain (Halloween) and many involve apples, the Celtic fruit of immortality. Most of us have heard of ducking or bobbing for apples and by plucking the fruit from the water with your teeth or by eating it off a string without holding it in your hand, you were symbolically eating the fruit of eternal life.

When you carefully peel an apple and throw the long thin strips over your left shoulder in the dark, it is alleged that how it lands will reveal the initial of your one true love. If you desire to discover how faithful your lover is, place two oak apples in a bowl of water. If they float together you can assume that your lover is faithful. If they float apart the answer is obvious and better start looking elsewhere! Fortune telling, tarot cards and scrying mirrors are all traditionally associated with Samhain. At the stroke of midnight, if you dare, look into a mirror by the light of a lone candle flame. By carrying out this piece of ancient magic you may well see your future moving before you……

Another custom to discover your sweetheart’s feelings is for both of you to throw nuts into the fire. If the nuts explode there is a great love between you, but if they merely whimper then the love is dying. If one nut explodes and the other sizzles then you must draw your own conclusions. If you have the courage for a more gruesome glimpse into the future, you need the ashes of a dying fire tipped onto the hearth before you go to bed. If there is a footprint in the ash the next morning, then the person whose shoe fits the ghostly print has not long left in this world. However if you don’t mind dusty feet put the ash from the Samhain fire inside your shoes and you will then have a lucky year. To clear out old ideas and bring forward new ones at the end of the old year, let the house fires go out and light a new one from the Samhain embers.

With our homes and porches full of scary, lighted pumpkins we follow a custom said to have first started out by using hollowed out turnips, carved with grotesque faces upon them and lit from within by a candle as a means of frightening off hostile spirits and witches. The peoples of  Scotland believed that those folk born on Halloween were gifted with second sight.  We are all familiar with children going out trick or treating at Halloween and there are many legends to explain why. One of which is that November 1st was the Druidic feast of the Lord of Death, before it became All Saints Day. Some people became frightened at this time however and those that didn’t would play tricks on them.Nowadays though the glowing pumpkins are often more of a welcome to ‘trick or treaters’ than anything else.

For the followers of the true older ways Samhain does have a much deeper interpretation and meaning. The modern name Halloween is sometimes referred to as Hallows, Hallowmas, or All Hallows Eve; the ‘hollow’ in all of these names come from the Middle English word meaning ‘holy’. So the name ‘Halloween’ is said to mean ‘hallowed evening’  No wonder then that this is a time of deep connection and profundity, a time of communication with our ancestors and to the spirit world, also a time in of accessing those parts of ourselves that we often keep hidden. It is often of going into the darkness within as an imitation of the dark time of nature, or of journeying into the underworld, a journey taken too by many of our gods and goddesses in mythology. The dark is recognised as being of knowledge of the ‘black flame lit’ and so to journey into the dark is a journey to access knowledge; journying into the dark to seek the LIGHT. Many folks are still wary of travelling down into the underworld of their own souls but it is there that great truths and revelations can be found and it is not a place to be feared. The inner realms are much more profound, truthful and every bit as real or even more so than the mundane world, that binds us so tight, but one just has to let go to enter this realm of truth.

To many folks it will always be the time of honouring the ancestors; a time of respectfully remembering the souls of loved ones, family and friends who have recently crossed over. But also it is a time of opening up our minds and being receptive to the truth of the universe and allowing the energies to flow within us. As the ancient knowledge passes back and forth through the veil of the realms, open up your own consciousness to the truths that the old ones choose to reveal to you; begin to ‘see’ things as they really are…..

This is also a time of reflection in many modern pagan traditions; a time to reflect on past achievements and failures; a time of casting off. As fruits, berries and leaves fall to the ground to re-nourish the soil so many folks also cast off old negative feelings, outmoded ideas and stagnant emotions that are holding them back, so to make way for new spiritual growth and fresh ideas. As nature is making the way for new re-growth so are folks making way for new spiritual growth. Building these intentions into rituals and prayers at Samhain can have a very positive effect. Many folks strew their altars and home displays with beautiful autumn leaves upon a black cloth, representing the dark of the season and the hidden knowledge of this planet. Many paths and traditions will have specific ways and altar set ups that reflect their understanding and own ways. Other altar decorations can be periwinkle (flowers of death), branches of yew, rowanberries, hips and haws, the black fruits of sloe and elder and of course bones and skulls or anything connected to the dark and hidden of the natural world. Some traditions will also have a small blood offering upon the altar by way of a personal offering to the D.E.A.D. Apples are often placed on the altar representing symbols of immortality, black candles are used, as is smouldering incense and potions such as wormwood, camphor, dill and mugwort, to attract and to see the spirits of the D.E.A.D, if that is what we truly wish for; for they, these spirits of the Earthland will very much be waiting to cross over and thus are not to be invited lightly. What ever way or whatever tradition one follows, allow the energies of Nammu to give you inspiration, wisdom and knowledge as you reach through the veil to unlock and to access the hidden ancestral knowledge in order for the real truths of the ‘universe to come’ to thus reveal themselves. Embrace and enjoy this night of nights.

When the veil thins and the universe shares its truths

The ancient memory will dance in the fallen autumn leaves

Old energies will imprint upon the damp cooling earth

As the mists swirl at dusk you may feel a breath upon your lips

A kiss upon your soul entering as dark descends

To reveal all that was, all that is and all that ever shall be.

Triangular perception (2) 

A warrior priest of the Serpent Path; always questing upon the sphere of time

Bringing LIGHT to those open to receive

The Clarity behind The Tears: A Self help Article

I think that this time of year just before springtime, we are literally pulling at the bit to do something different, yet often we find ourselves stuck indoors alone, due mostly to winter illnesses or to feeling low. It’s a really good opportunity then, to take stock; a time to shift stagnant energies that refuse to budge, especially of the emotional kind. When stuck indoors, it’s a good opportunity for renewing ourselves, a time of crashing through the barriers we build around ourselves, in order to find ourselves; to put our lives back on track. It’s a fantastic time to make lists of realistic goals to be aimed for in the coming months. So much is going on in the world these days and we all get involved in our own particular causes, so no wonder we are depleted.

These are the times of waking up to the important changes that will happen to our world which will alter all our lives. Do we want to be a part of a future world? Do we want to simply stand on the sidelines as a perpetual onlooker? Do we want to stick our heads in the sand and pretend nothing is happening? Or do we want to walk our walk and talk our talk? This time of year is an excellent time of discovery on many levels.

As human beings we all share and experience similar kinds of deep emotional feelings that we hold on to for far too long; in brief it’s often known as the ego and can be held blame for all sorts of things. By holding on to the ego, we also hold onto all sorts of painful emotional memories from the past that prevent ourselves from reaching our true potential. Letting go and fully experiencing that feeling of letting go, to feel the fear of falling and to actually relish it, is a wonderfully freeing emotion. It is the key we need to find to unlock the door of our imprisoned potential; we can either stand on the edge and jump or accept and acknowledge the way things are and to then either move forward and move on, or to sadly even accept that one will never move on. Life is all about choices.

We do need to stop listening to the words programmed inside us since birth; the words that stop us doing what we really want to do; the same words and sentences that spin round and around time and time again, like an old broken record stuck in a worn out groove. These worn out, tired words we keep listening to, filling our heads with a cacophony of rubbish that we are compelled or condemned to listen to. Yet listen to them we do, time and time again, around and around they go.

So if we are going to do away with the words in our heads, what will our heart tell us then? Surely we can rely on that for the truth? Well no, for our dear old heart fills us up with emotional blackmail, binding us to long dead emotional issues. We are blinded to the truths, with all rational thought totally stripped away, bared from ever reaching the surface.

The true clarity of thought, the true path within lies within our very souls. Listen…. listen…. beyond the words, beyond the feelings and beyond the emotions, find that key and open a door never opened before. This is not easy; it is a path strewn with obstacles and pitfalls that can lead us down some dark alleyways, into forbidden corners and under deep drowning depths. We are not used to listening to the beat of our own souls, our own inner voices, which have not been heard for years.

The old ones do endeavour to guide us but we have to listen; to learn how to listen, to be taken on a journey that is so deep and so profound. Ah… if only we would listen, if only we would let go and bare our souls, strip everything so naked so as to remove all ego-based perceptions of our outer selves. Let the old ones guide you from within, to take you on a journey to the centre of yourselves, to find that place of power within, which is there within us all, if only we can look.

Let the chaos of the world slip away allowing ones self to be guided to that special place of power within. Throw away that comfort blanket, that safety net and trust in the gods within. Let them take you to the very edge of you own fears and into those dark places that only they know you visit. Then know that fear, grasp it, hold it and totally savour it, savour the fear of not knowing, savour the fear of flying through the universe without wings. It is only when we are able to do this, to let go and not know the tangible; to be able to grasp that fear, that feeling of not knowing and embrace it. Truly feel that fear of falling…. falling over the edge knowing there is no safety net to catch us. That then, is the precise perfect point in time, when we know; really do know that we do not need a safety net for we are flying on our own, but we have to jump to know. That is the point of no return when we will experience our inner gods, experience them through our own fear, and ultimate trust, for perfect love and perfect trust comes from a knowing deep within.

Knowing that the safety net is always firmly placed around us prevents us from reaching into the unknown and acknowledging our true potential. We might just as well already be lying in a cotton wool lined coffin with a cosy tight lid. Allow the safety net to drop, let it flow away and thus find the riches and beauty of life that previously was nothing but an unsolved mystery.

Many initiatory traditions on this earthly plane have rites designed to take the candidate to that very level of having to let go, a death and rebirth experience, of having to face fears within darkness, to often be left alone to face their gods as well as their own fears and to ultimately trust in themselves and their gods. Each level of initiation will go further and further in, as more challenges are met and overcome. Many who cannot face their fears and challenges will fall by the wayside, such as in many very ancient traditions and rituals. One such rite; the Orphic Rite of Memphis was the ultimate death and rebirth rite, where the initiate was forced to face death and rebirth several times, ultimate trust, faith and courage was required as they progressed down through the levels. If the initiate wavered, hesitated or made a wrong decision, then death on the mortal plane actually happened. Those who made it through were reborn into the priesthood. Of course one does not need to go through such rites today, but we can still learn much about human nature from such past experiences and acknowledge that as humans throughout history we have always strived for rebirth and re-newel. Maybe it is our way of moving forwards; maybe a reminder to move forwards?

The veil of tears that can ultimately flow from deep within our souls at the moment of revelation and connection with our inner gods, our inner self, can reveal a clarity of thought that we never dreamt was possible. The tears do have to flow though, however painful. Let the old ones, whom we know today as the universe itself, hold us as we sway on the edge. Surrender completely, for it is at this moment of utter darkness, that moment of complete surrender that the universe, if we have trust, will surely catch us.

This is that place of silent power within ourselves that we strive to seek; that place of power, that to find, we have to let go of everything else.  So realistically then, how do we set out to find our place of power in our world, that special place that we can return to time and time again? As stated above initiation into a chosen path can do this for us, as can such techniques as meditation and path workings, but maybe there are other ways?  Something a little bit different perhaps, not as complex, a real path working or meditation in real time, in the real world? Simply put, a walk into nature, guided by ones self in a complete and open meditative state of mind.

Nature is the great balancer of all things; the great healer, the grounder and neutralizer of all emotions; often known as the great mother, whom can heal one with out us actually having to do anything, apart from meet her half way that is. She is also the giver and the taker, so not to be messed with. Being out in nature in a peaceful and solitary state of mind is a real way of letting go and of having a real and personal encounter, as much with yourself as with your gods. It is indeed a great cleansing experience of the highest degree. We all have our places in nature that we love but often it is simply a case of allowing ones inner gods to guide us to where we need to be. We just need to go with the flow on this and simply start to walk, to unwind, to connect; thinking of nothing, freeing ones self of all thoughts and to be guided from within. We must allow all rubbish and unnecessary chatter to leave our bodies and as they do, often the most amazing revelations and thoughts will just emerge by their own accord. Whilst silently walking in the natural world, it becomes easy for the power of the old ones, that natural energy within, to pull us along, guide us and thus through them, we connect and let go as they transport us into their world of wisdom.

In this modern, high tech society it is scary to go off grid as it were, or to leave your id, mobile phone, ipad etc at home, yet it’s something that I personally like. It may seem like an irresponsible action to take; yet it is a personal choice to make and not everyone will make that choice and I can’t tell you what to do. Yet that is all a part of the personal safety net that needs letting go of. Open your soul completely, trust in the universe implicitly and be guided to that place of power and whatever that place reveals itself to be, it is for you and you alone to know. You have to trust, to lay down your soul, to know, to will, to dare and to jump and be caught.

What happens between you and your gods at these moments of revelation, when you find your place of inner power can reveal wonderful and profound truths that were previously hidden from you. It is an experience personal to each and every one of us and will be very different to each one of us also.

The old ones/the universe is there to teach, guide and inspire, but unless you do let go into being and open up completely, you will fail to know that supreme joy of connection, that surge of energy that comes from actually knowing whom your gods are and of course whom you are too. As you connect, you connect to your own inner true self. It is a wonderful journey of self-discovery. It is a death, a re-awakening, and a rebirth.

You will then discover the true you, that pure shinning essence of your own soul within. You will find the clarity behind the tears.

An original but old article self penned and recently updated  in 2017

 ‘The Keeper of Scrolls’

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