Thought Transference:

It is important to first explore the mind and the senses contained within. The brain measures environmental response through the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. However, there are two further senses, being the sixth sense of intuition, and the seventh sense of humour.

We all recognise the five senses as they are measurable with the physical realm, and the further two senses are of an immeasurable scale.

Humans process the seven senses by the seven lights of creation, with a distinct balance between the seven systems of stimuli receivers:

Smell – First Light

Touch – Second Light

Sight – Third Light

Hearing – Fourth Light

Taste – Fifth Light

Intuition – Sixth Light

Humour – Seventh Light

Smell: The First Light. For Purpose, Power and Will.

Humans are evolving, and as evolution occurs in its natural state, the need of the defence of smell demises. For example, we no longer need to smell for the purpose of hunting. However, the sense of smell is used by the subconscious to determine the psychic balance of another. Every person has his or her own distinct smell.

On the Sphere, the collective smell is the true solar smell of a person and is recognised within the fibres of souls. The smell of a person’s soul defines a person in the physical plain.

When the smell of the sphere is powerful enough, it permeates through to the physical plain. When the smell is putrid or overwhelming in nicety, this defines a serious misbalance in one plain or another.

Touch: The Second Light. For Love and Wisdom

This is a physical act of love, affection, sympathy or compassion. To touch another permits the other to touch you. To touch and be known is an act of love, and trust, that two beings can exhibit toward one another.

As evolution occurs we have been separated from the conscious telepathic acts, where in today’s world touch is the communication of spirit and of consciousness. We have been socially conditioned to consider that touch or being touched is pleasurable or wrong.

On the Sphere the sense of touch has impact on the physical. It is through touch that a magnetic attraction is allowed between the physical plain and the Soul. The soul becomes polarised in the physical plain.

Sight: The Third Light. Matter, Aspect, and Light

We rely upon sight and sound the most. This is not wrong, as sight and sound are the force of Creation, but applied in the physical plain. Sight and sound are the forces of creation, travelling from the physical to the sphere to be manifested into the physical plain.

Sound: The Fourth Light

Sound is relied-upon as a second sense. There is as much to hear as there is to see, and it becomes easy to disregard what we hear as being insignificant if what we hear does not require direct attention.

Taste: The Fifth Light

The sense of taste is one of the body’s defence mechanisms. The sense of taste, as a fifth light, is to allow us to determine what is beneficial to put into our bodies. We will automatically react against poisonous or other dangerous substances. We are further unique for introducing chemicals to food. Taste is important as far as being of a multi-plain of consciousness.

Intuition: The Sixth Light

Intuition is of awareness where we use sensory input to form a conclusion, through deduction. Intuition defies logic, yet it is intuition that allows us to go beyond our mundane senses. It is denial of the sixth sense of intuition that allows us to discount any situation occurring that we cannot physically explain.

The limits of the five senses are equivalent to residing in the Dark Ages. We interpret intuition by the magnetic force that surrounds us, and thus is an important tool to attune to.

Humour: The Seventh Light

One may suggest that the seventh light of humour does not connect with universal intelligence. We often consider that the universe presents obstacles in our life-path to teach lessons, and then apply this to forms of ‘no-win solutions’.

By applying the thought process at this cosmic level of humour, we defy the very internal mechanisms that allow us to succeed. But to embrace each given problem and remove humour, are we then able to see the obstacle and remove it from harms way. To succeed with this unique seventh light, we must first clear the mind, clear the obstacles within our mind and focus all thought on achievement.


It is important to understand that each human being has a ‘sixth sense’; it is whether the individual choose to embrace, nurture, and evolve this special gift. Every living creature on the earthly plain has the ability to attune with Deity. It is the understanding of how to read the signs and embrace the space and time around them that will empower the individual to communicate.


Seven candles shown; seven points of light; the seven systems to the universe.


‘The Keeper of Scrolls’

April 2020 – From early KT teachings