I grieved for a love adored since birth
I grieved for my love, my home, my Earth
The future i wanted i knew was a dream
I tried to hold on, yet stifling a scream
A moment in time to stop and ponder
A great test of time to truly wonder
Are we traveling through mankind’s fall
A time to embrace or totally ignore
I saw mankind rise, and i saw mankind fall
I saw greed and envy, i saw war and strife
I saw not a feeling for this thing called life
Over the centuries no lessons learned
And on the shores of time i witnessed it all
I wore no blindfold, I saw the score
My sad, single teardrop in an ocean wont cut it
I cried and i cried but nothing could stop it
Mankind you came and mankind you went
Destroying the Earth you went all out, hell-bent
The innocent creatures you left in your wake
Didn’t deserve their death or their fate
A prison planet it was meant to be
But it could have been treated respectfully
Now all of those humans who let greed shine a light
Will atone for their sins in the darkest of nights
The ‘creatures’ that make, are the same ones who take
The ones that have watched as mankind cast their fate
You were a toy of the G-ds ’tis very true
Yet all that is wrong is down to just you
You lived out a life that was not accepted
Now you die a death you never expected
Like a field full of cattle you grew fat on your crimes
Fat for the ‘Old Ones’ to take when it’s time….
For i will be gone, will observe it all
I will witness mankind’s greatest fall
But do not fear, do not stress
It was never a given, was always a test
I once knew a land where time stopped still
I saw things that maybe were only for me
I reached out and grasped that which i quested
This moment, my life, i was fully invested
And no, i wasn’t living a dream
Everything viewed was meant to be seen
In the blink of an eye, the cool waters will rise
Rise up to reach those firey red skies
It was always written, always fortold
Within years of study, if i may be so bold
Under a dome, a greenhouse for sure
It has always been there, yet always ignored
Your governments lied, your scientist too
But i think in your hearts, you always knew
Too many anomalies, it didn’t add up
So now here we are on the edge of time
That party at midnight I knew would be mine
Yes i’d mentioned the ‘party’ in previous words
But nobody saw, nobody heard
So ‘we’ did what we did, it had to be done
But doing it was such tremendous fun
So i sit and i watch and i sit and i wait
I sit and i watch humanities fate
Way out of time, above beyond rhyme
You may see me again at the end of all days
The Feminine Light to show the way
Yet if still in your blindfolds
You never will never see
The truth of existence, or the real ‘me’
For i was always there, guiding the way
Revealing a path so true and profound
Yet many stumbled and cried on the ground
But time and tide and moments move on
Only a few knew the ‘song of songs’
The truth was the ‘word’ it was always said
But what use is a word to the already dead
Time is of essence, please let me not tarry
I have said far too much, i must not dilly or dally
Back to my perceived grind of a daily life
But a Guardian of Time i shall always be
So never ever underestimate me
I sit and i watch and i sit and i wait
As i cast my hands over man’s written fate…

‘The Keeper of Scrolls’
aka ‘moon.willow@ntlworld.com’ July 2023
Reverend Janis

“Know me and know whom i am.
See me and see me as i am.
Feel the energies and fly with me tonight
Or don’t…..