Mary wearing the Sinclair tartan.

     ‘”On saddled shores through time does stand, and soon the lion and sphinx do land “

By the Sun, Moon, and Star – Forever within its glory – Subar ina ar tia ina satium mulan – To release the light of the Eastern Star


My Journey upon the Shores of Time: I have always lived with an inner feeling of being different from everyone else; of never fitting in and of not being a part of the crowd and to be honest i have always been happy this way. I have always had right from childhood deep profound inner thoughts and dreams with memories that I could never quite explain. For me, right from my early years I was always very much like that, kind of metaphorically living on the edges of society and always living within the vast realm of what i perceived was my imagination. Yet I always felt a very deep connection and love for this beautiful planet that I exist upon.

My path for many years was happily that of seeker, then pagan, being both witch and druid and yet deep down inside i always knew i was searching and journeying  towards something that i knew deep within my heart to be there. I was searching for the hidden mysteries and sacred ‘keys’ of the universe that had up to this point eluded me. I reached a point in my life where nothing added up any more but with most things in this existence, timing is everything and what is meant to be, surely will be.

I certainly could not at first put a finger on what it was that i was searching for but i always knew that there was something much more profound in this life than meets the eye and that the truths were hidden dormant within the cloak of time, just waiting for me to find them. I always felt the call of the stars, of the universe and of being guided, pulled through to something much deeper, much bigger and much more profound;  the very truths in fact.  A life time of inner and outer travelling, belonging to and facilitating various groups, eventually lead me to that divine place of revelation and to that very special encounter with that unique being within whom i knew all my answers and so much more were to be found. I listened to my soul and my soul guided me home to my true kin.

I at first found the path of the Knight Templar and i embraced it with my whole being and became an actual Knight for true. I had found the beautiful and profound mysteries of what I was later to learn was the Serpent Priesthood and thus my world changed for ever and i with it; a world of  truths, huge challenges, great joys and great wisdom too.  As one of the Ansar, the Keepers of Secrets, questing upon the realm of time within the physical and the metaphysical realms; the absorption of wisdom and  knowledge constantly reveals many ancient secrets to me. Through the KT degrees I learnt who i am and who i can be within future times; a warrior in fact and proud to be one.

Yet the story does not end there; far from in fact for in my search for truth and as a part of my personal evolution i was invited to join The Priory and am now privy to the learnings and understandings of the true history of this planet; the truths of mankind as created by Enki, the father of mankind. All the truthsa re revealing themselves to me as the falsehoods, lies and illusions slip away and the beauty of the real truths can at last shine bright.

We are dedicated to learning and teaching the old ways and welcome all true seekers who feel the same, who are drawn to the truths of the universe and who wish to reach above the pull of the mundane, above the roar of the crowd. Please do get in touch if you are interested in joining us…

Triangular perception (2)


“All is before your eyes if only you would open them to sea”

Tellings and Tales: From a very early age I have always written stories and poetry just as the folks of times long gone did; i always drew from the vast world of inner and outer imagination. I find inspiration from the past, the present and the future thus allowing my many tales, poems and tellings to spring to life. It has always been an earthly tradition for mankind to tell stories and spin the myths that draw on endless expanses of imaginations and experience and i am no different. Mankind has told many tales of the mighty gods of this realm and beyond; of myths and imagination in order to share the truths of the universe.

I tread a path less travelled, drawing on the less know; from darker & hidden times, telling the stories that bring the universe, its gods and ancient past to life. Somehow, although my many tales and tellings flowed effortlessly from within I have discovered on my journey that many uncannily had more that just a hint of the truths I was yet to learn form the KT’s and now through The Priory. The truths were hiding inside of me just waiting to be set free.

In these days of modern appliances and technology the tales still continue to take birth, flourish and continue to fly. From beyond the whispering hills of destiny, beyond the realms of time, the Ancient Ones soar on the winds, spreading their wings and telling their stories to those who take time to just sit, listen and absorb. Listen well my friends as i continue to unfold my own tales before you…..


‘I have left the square of 4 and understood the triangle of 3,

in union of 7 the sacred circle appears and lost will be found’


Learning the Old Ways: In learning the Old Ways one connects to the ancient people’s of Sumeria who were in possession of a vast wealth of wisdom, knowledge and spirituality that has over time become lost within the world of mankind, through misinformation and distillation of scriptures. This sacred land is commonly recognized as being the homeland of the first ‘Gods’ here on earth; often revealed to actually be the family of Enki, the creator of mankind. It was with these people, who had an understanding (had been taught) the knowledge of the true Old Ways of the universe that a vast repository of knowledge was gifted too. For those who follow a Craft path this knowledge is there still waiting to be discovered. With new-found knowledge of the real histories and practices, the future can start to be revealed.

The Templar practices recognise that Malak and Kiam were preachers and teachers, oftentimes referred to as Priest and Priestess of the Temple; but importantly of there being so much more to them than meets the eye and very different from the bible tellings.  The Templars it has been said were ‘guarding great secrets’ and so safety and secrecy was always of uppermost importance; but what were these great secrets really all about? These themes and riddles are develpoed with in Templarism and further expanded to the conclusion within Priory.

The Templar history goes way back beyond the masonic symbolism of today and there is at first sight, commonalities within the shared history of Freemasonry and Templarism and some could view it as an access point into the path of the Old Ones. The truths do reveal much more hidden knowledge relating to the Masons, the Templars, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Annunnaki. The KT path is a challenging ride at times as established ideas, patterns of life and ways of thinking can be blown away for all time, yet it is a very great joy and a journey of total revelation and of course a great firm grounding and cornerstone into The Priory.

Above all this a journey from KT to Priory is of the ultimate truths; a journey to discover the hidden knowledge. It is a journey of change, challenge and of adapting ones established ways of thinking for all time allowing the universal truths to be revealed. The higher levels attained are very profound and often controversal; a more ‘alternative historical’  look at the Earth Plane; not main stream, yet certainly true. This is most definitely the way forward for those who like myself, have always questioned and whom desire to be enlightened further.

“If you too are inspired and wish to share that which has guided me in my past, present and future lives or who wish to find out more about The Priory, I am forever here…..

You can also read my poetry on the link below:-

“How delicious and delightful is the pen that spills it’s ink upon the virgin white”

  Pyramid hand