“In the summer of 2022 Midsummer Common in Cambridge held an exhibition dedicated to the human understanding of what is known of as our planets. Everytime i went by on the bus i had that feeling that one gets when chalk is grated across a blackboard. I was compelled to write this poem in which i hint at what really is, sometimes hidden by illusion yet often hidden by the veils that cloud the human the eye and almost always hidden by those ‘creatures’ in ‘so called power’ whom have no intention of allowing us to know – but one can either ‘see it’ or one cant. It’s a human choice to open up and know…..”


Midsummer common was telling a story
Of a solar system in all its glory
A delight in the telling of all things planetary
Yet tis a long-told tale of truths imaginary


How many care to consider reality
To look beyond the earth’s banality
How many look towards the skies
Yet cannot see the truth for lies


What is behind the smoke and mirrors
This falsity told by earthly sinners
Time and tide hide a well-hidden tale
Of our world, our universe on a mighty scale


Yet humans are kept in the realms of the dark
Never knowing, never seeing, that Light, that spark
A world of expanse can await one and all
If only your blinds and your curtains can fall


For over the edge of the landscape, out of sight
Lies a different day, another night
Hidden away from human knowledge
A world apart, few can acknowledge


Yet Admiral Byrd, he knew the score
Knew the truth and so very much more
He took to the skies and he did fly
Over the ice where those vast lands lie


The ‘powers that be’ tried to hide his story
Played it down and all its glory
They tried to silence this honest man
Who flew over the ‘wall’ to those vast new lands


The magic of myths were once proud truths
Before religion dispelled all of the proof
But as time wove on, our histories changed
Altered by those whom had ‘no name’


Over humanity, a dark spell was woven
To sleep, to dream, in an illusion not chosen
Like sheep in a field, unaware that the wolf
Provided the meadow, the grass and false ‘truths’


Hungrily grazing in meadows so green
Never seeing, never knowing that vast prison screen
Never an inkling of what’s over the sea
And the wolves of course licked their lips in glee


For over the great wall are lands so vast
Lands that stem from a different past
A different history, a different telling
Yet to discover the truth, humans have to be willing


To ‘see’ beyond those earthly ties
To let go of all the aforetime lies
To trust in those whom understand
To be willing to take them by the hand


A Watcher may be hovering near
To guide, to teach, to certainly steer
To light the way, to the path of truth
But it is you whom must trust, to find that truth


So, if planets are not up there in the skies
If all you are told is a human lie
If the earth is just a tiny prison
Hidden within a far bigger region


If within our time and space
Lies another reality, another place
That has always been there, before your eyes
If only ‘science’ hadn’t clouded your ‘skies’


The Watchers, the teachers are ever so near
Yet hidden from sight by human fear
They see the sheep in their meadow so green
Unable to look past their prison screen


The world I live in is amazing and vast
Yet with a different future, present and past
An understanding that is miles away
From anything modern science can say


So, if the truth is out there, but you don’t wanna know
Then go you own way with nothing to show
Never revel in the wonder of time and space
Forever in the doldrums of your earthly place


If time and tide is not for you
And to live a mundane life is all you do
Remember there are those that can guide the way
Preserving the truths for that one rainy day…..


A rare mystery seen over the skies of Yorkshire…


Go sleep and dream my children.
And while you dream the wheel forever turns.
Til the day becomes the night.
And the LIGHT that always shone.
Is revealed for those who do not slumber”
Adueni KT

‘The Keeper of Scrolls’

AKA AdueniKT


15th October 2022