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A Heartbeat in Time…

A heartbeat in time
A single breath
A sign to savour
An ancient word
A path to walk
Yet non to tarry
A taken oath
In blood not broken
A chalice of hope
A guiding Light
A weary pilgrim
Wandering home
From first to last
From dusk til dawn
An earthly crown
In heaven borne
A ticking clock
A rising tide
A trumpet loud
A clash of thunder
Clouds and sky
Both ripped asunder
Climbing Angels
Giving hope
Catch their hem
A foot on the rung
Alpha to Omega
Nearly home….


‘The Keeper of Scrolls’ September 2020


Roses in the ice…

I still picture the roses in the ice                                                                                                                                       Thinking i knew........

They haunt me still

And in my mind’s eye

I reach again for the soft petals

That shred with secret thorns

That face, that sad mysterious face.

A thousand years and as many tales told

Thinking I knew

But I will never ever know why he placed the roses in the ice…

May 2012

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