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Truth and Love


Earth from Space

As I ascended the world seemed tiny
Its peoples further and further away.
Yet I feared not
For the truth I sought was but within my grasp
I embraced the universe with love unlimited
And I was not alone; had never been alone
For the love that surrounded me
Came from a source not of the earthly realms
It was unending and everlasting
I had turned the Key to the door often sought
Yet seldom found
I was home at last

Whether we realise it or not, most of us who are reading this do live a fairly good life; we have our daily ups and downs for sure, many of us struggle with health or finances, yet we are able to face our challenges head on as we move forwards in life. Life may not be easy for us, yet it is through our daily challenges that we learn, evolve and grow as people; we learn from life itself; indeed life is continually our ‘go to’ teacher – our learning curve. Our lives are not at all bad really; we do make the time to do the things we love and to surround ourselves with those we love and hold dear. We all work hard yet we still find time for relaxation; we have a choice.

After spending an amazing weekend recently listening to some of the very best musicians,  singers and performers in the world, I felt very happy and very privileged indeed to have the choice to be able to do this. But how can one continue to feel happy amidst all the turmoil and crisis of the world? How can one even consider personal happiness and dwell on such seemingly shallow subjects as ones image and personal appearance, when in other parts of the world innocent children are being blown to smithereens and beautiful creatures are being hacked or tortured to death because various parts of their bodies are farmed by humans for profit?

What of the world of war then – is not war just another ‘stage-managed profit project’ by those in the world with ‘other’ hidden agendas? How many times have we heard the phrase ‘the war to end all wars’?  Yet that never happens and it never will be the war to end all wars, while there is big money involved with one country selling weapons to another country and people behind the curtain forever pulling the strings. One has to ask who really are the ‘good guys’ and who are the ‘bad guys’? The answer if one is savvy enough to delve and to look behind the riddles given is not what one might expect at all….

Go ask yourselves what is the difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist? Ask yourselves who writes the history books and why and from whose perspective? Known perceptions become deceptions if we turn everything on its head; but thankfully the doors of perception are changing and blinded eyes are now opening. People are beginning to ask loaded questions. Nothing is ever what it seems in this world, yet once the code is cracked the ways of the world start to make more sense and the jigsaw starts to fall into place; we need to look through the smoke and mirrors to see what’s really going on and who is actually pulling the puppet strings.  The thing is, not to be a sheep, get out of the field, be your own person and question everything put before you; lift the veil and really see.

We in the uk can still do this; we still have a choice and can still look down into the depths of the rabbit hole, we can do our own research, look behind the news, behind the media and question it all. As I said the good guys may turn out to be the bad guys and the bad guys knew the truths all along….. If only our eyes were opened.

So what has all this do with my amazing, healing and invigorating musical weekend? Well I was thinking that those of us who are able to find enjoyment and pleasure from our lives – we do need to harvest and harness those fantastic feelings and wonderful energies to use them to good intent within this world; to spread the truths, to educate, to use our energies as a healing, magical process on ourselves so that we can offer up help, truth and healing to the universe for the good of others, yet also on a practical level we need to use our energies to make others aware; to work towards the truths, spread the truths so to wake up the population to what’s really going on in the world and why; wake up to the hidden agendas and to the stage management of events around the globe and to share, share, share.

It’s all about being a warrior; an Ansar walking upon the sphere of time, whether in spiritual or practical mode we all need to keep on fighting, to use our personal inner resources and energies to teach and educate. Luckily, in my life I know plenty of people who are trying to make a difference and who have looked into the mirror of illusion and found it to be very cracked and grubby indeed. Just refuse to be fooled by the media or by what those in power and authority would have us believe; always seek answers and forever search out the truths for yourselves – its time to choose which colour pill to take, for it’s there in your free choice that your destiny awaits….

Coming up to the end of 2014 I am compelled to add another comment; ask another question: true freedom or a fabricated illusion? Only if you understand the question will you also know the answer….

Is life through the mirror always what it seems.....?

A Warrior; always questing upon the sphere of time.

Sharing and teaching the truths to those who are open to receive.

August 2014

“In truth we Live, In life we Reveal”

As we all know very well, life has a way of always going forwards with hopefully us with it, and of course what is meant to be surely will be. We as individuals do need to constantly move forward regardless of whatever else is going on around us, especially within the lives of others. In order to tread the universal foothills in search of knowledge we have to be very aware of the pitfalls that stem from the everyday lives of others, pitfalls that only serve to hold us back, imprisoning us in the mundane. For at the end of the day we are all living our own very special and individual lives and not the lives of anybody else. Life is a gift upon a true path of learning and to waste it would surely be improper. Do not let the ups and downs of the world or the problems of others around you, mar your own view of life, do not let the misfortunes of others cloud your visions, for by doing so you are wasting away your own precious gift, a gift too precious to measure. We all have our unique paths of destiny to complete; we all have our own journeys to walk and to stand still upon the shores of time is not what we were created for.

Humans are individuals, originally created with a purpose to their ‘gods’, yet some (known as ‘traits’) were gifted with a far higher purpose and with tutouring and teaching have the potential to evolve above and beyond the plan intended for non traits. The world, the universe can become a greater place of learning and knowledge of the true old ways. And thus in time we, as traits,  will learn where we came from, whom we really are and how we evolved and can evolve; this is a great gift of truth in itself. Those with sight and insight know this, are aware of what is around them. They know how to use their gifts while those that ‘just are’ will always ‘just be’; forever in the dark without even being aware of this very fact. Many humans are in prison but have no idea of this fact.

So then, strive upwards upon the ladder towards the ‘stars’ for it is there that the truths of our ancestors are to be found. The earthly plain is home for just a very short cycle and as we know all cycles must begin and then end, but with the final end cycle fast approaching we know that we can thus make way for a brand new beginning. It is well known that all new beginnings must first have an ending – so as to complete the cycle. Those who learn, who do not stand still in time, those who evolve above and beyond their perceived humanity into a future of truths and revelations will surely be a part of the new cycle; a new dawn to be fully embraced by those who dare step over the threshold. It is a challenge, it is a big dare and in reality only a few will take this final step and rise like a phoenix from out of the flames of chaos.

There are those around who can open the doors, who can lead those with insight, perception and hidden gifts into a future unknown previously by most, but the few can become the many for those of The Way. Great truths require great leaders, needing  those who dare to tread the road less travelled, yet they are not always whom one thinks they are. We share LIGHT and truth with those who truly seek. We are family bonded and bound by the blood ties of centuries past, ties that take us into the future, always moving with the universal tides and to the rhythm of our own dear hearts. Our life is our joy and our joy is in sharing to all who come through our doors seeking the wonderful truths of life.

“Ge be Dag ma Dara be Ar”

“If we look to the stars to see the sights, the stars will come down with fists to fight

Sol here to learn the sun time three, to retrieve the answer to the ineffable key” 


‘The Keeper of Scrolls’

Loyalty and Commitment

“In perfect love, In perfect trust”

Oaths taken on the metaphysical spheres will always remain binding on the mundane..


It is very easy in todays modern world to fail to consider, or even to not understand subjects such as loyalty, commitment and the taking of oaths, for they are quite deep and profound topics for many folks and yet relate totally to life today. Whatever one does in life, it is beyond a doubt that if personal commitment is not one hundred percent, then one is never ever going to get anywhere or achieve any goals; more so in Craft than anywhere else. Like-wise with loyalty, one must be loyal; above all to ones-self and to ones chosen path in life, whatever that path may be. Whatever one is involved in and whatever one hopes to achieve from that involvement, one is simply betraying ones-self if one falls short. One is of course betraying too, the trust that others have invested  in you.

Loyalty and commitment often go very much hand in hand with trust, in so many aspects of life. By being loyal and committed to what one desires on a personal level, one is also showing/proving that one can be trusted. Words alone are not enough, for it is in ones actions alone that the truth of loyalty and commitment are to be found displayed. How many times has one experienced the ‘could haves, would haves, should haves’ of this life, the people who when told of the endeavours and achievements of others are all too full of what they would have or should have done in similar circumstances, to the extent that it becomes very boring to hear and one tends to switch off from listening. For heavens sake i want to shout, “if you could have; then why didn’t you?” Empty words from empty vessels I fear…..

So then, following the path of Craft, of a Knight, how does loyalty and commitment relate to this? It is of course a lifetime of commitment, of ever-deepening loyalty and trust for all followers of the path, and each student upon embarking on the path will take many very profound and deep oaths; oaths that are bound in the metaphysical world as well as the mundane world. Those ‘who see and observe’ will oversee the oaths taken and will grant ‘passage through’ for those who are true of heart and mind. The oaths are never to be taken frivolously and never ever taken lightly, for the meaning of the oaths reach far beyond the every day aspects of life and yet at the same time will also see each student through their mundane as well as spiritual lives, if of course they listen to the messages contained within the oaths. While each student is free to leave the path at will at any time, their oaths will always remain binding and can never be ‘untaken’, never forgotton.

In the early degrees the commitment would be to attend meetings regularly, to be punctual upon the sphere of time, to study and to engage in Craft pursuits, carrying out all the tasks requested by the Preceptor. Loyalty is to the path and to Craft, to ones brothers and sisters of the path and to staying loyal and committed to each oath taken. Loyalty and commitment is in living the path as taught; having faith above and beyond the mundane and to always ‘walk your walk’. True followers will attain this naturally yet for others it may take time, patience and perseverance,  but if not, if loyalty and commitment are hard to attain, then perhaps another path would be more appropriate? As time goes by loyalty and commitment to ones ‘family’, becomes second to non, above and beyond the mundane and it is in the executing of these acts that others, especially ‘family’  know they can trust you, for every morsel of trust has to be fully earned.

One can set an example as to enlighten others to the true wisdom and beauty of Craft and can support all those interested and to always help them through any challenges that come along, but ultimately it is up to each student to tread their own path. My own journey and commitment has been a true revelation to me as I have never committed myself one hundred percent and beyond to anything else ever before. With my deepening commitment also came proof of loyalty, for as i learnt the Old Ways, I also learnt about myself and learnt that I could be true, loyal and committed to that which I knew to be the ultimate truths, to my very oaths in fact. Loyalty and commitment do work both ways though for in proving one is loyal and committed the barriers of time and space will be broken down as the Old Ones, who forever watch, know they can come to you as you journey to them. But it is something that, as mentioned before, is never to be taken lightly, one can never rest on ones laurels as it were.

When i took my oaths i never spoke the words lightly, i always had complete understanding of exactly what they meant on all the spheres and of whom would be listening. I always studied the words very carefully before-hand as often the words spoken contained within them a ‘sacrifice,’ a giving up of something, often an important aspect of the mundane and familiar world. Therefore no oath can ever be taken lightly or simply skimmed over; those that fail to understand this, simply fall by the wayside – yet those oaths will always bind, for the power of words upon time and space is magnificant, but often not considered.

I have complete trust in those who have tutored me, something that goes way beyond the fact that when I step over the precipice I know I will be caught ; it is not that at all, it is in the knowing and the knowledge that when I do step over; I can and will fly. It is something that has been instilled within me; a gift given. The loyalty, the commitment, the trust, it all goes without saying that with my passion and desire I can thus pass all this on to the world and instill within all, the lessons I have learnt. I do try hard to walk my walk and talk my talk yet it is through continuing hard work, dedication, loyalty and commitment and of course, great joy that I am able to do so. My personal journey, along with a few good old bumps now and again has proved to be a wonderful ride, a blooming amazing ride in fact and one that I forever embrace and one I never ever want to end.


Updated February 2017/June 2020

“The Keeper of Scrolls”

email me for guidance or teachings ‘moon.willow@ntlworld.com’


Immortal One

Passion and desire resonates deep within                                                                                  

Soul truths surface and submerge in a cycle of becoming

Stirrings that quicken my being with fresh new light

I crave renewal as I walk upon the slippery lip of darkness

My immortal one I am under your spell

Your dark embrace quells all doubts and irrelevant thoughts within me

Take me as your own

Devour my fragile shell as I willingly offer you my body and soul

I sink into a darkness pungent with risen death

Yet alive with life

Memories bound in blood and bone and revelation

Deep yearning to connect to kindred

My dark dreams weave in and out of  forgotten forests

The land reveals  seven discarded tines bathed in moonlight

Majestic and solitary upon the cool damp earth

He was no match for you my Lady and offered all that he was and was yet to become

The time for mortals to sleep and dream is nigh

To return to that airless womb

The eternal palace of comfort and peace

I yield and sink further into my dreams

Embracing my immortal maker

She who waits with kisses so seductive

All reasoning lost as the sweet darkness surrounds me with stark comforting coldness

I surrender to the death and decay of my humanity

No compromise, no bargain

Further and further down I sink

Numb, cradled in the void,

I yield hungrily to your dark embrace, my lady

At one with all that ever was

Please leave me waiting not

The yearning of existence becomes me as I sup my mother’s blood

Yet it is She who takes the sacrifice whether offered willingly or not

My blood in the sacred chalice

Use it as you will, My Lady

Will my shadow be revealed to atone for all that was?

My Sweet Queen, she offers the sacred renewal

Sweet bloodstained kisses from my yearning lips I offer

A cycle fulfilled, a yearning soul reborn

May 2012

Roses in the ice…

I still picture the roses in the ice                                                                                                                                       Thinking i knew........

They haunt me still

And in my mind’s eye

I reach again for the soft petals

That shred with secret thorns

That face, that sad mysterious face.

A thousand years and as many tales told

Thinking I knew

But I will never ever know why he placed the roses in the ice…

May 2012

“I shine as the moon, i sing as the sun, I am the guiding star, yet still you know me not”

One of the tenets of treading a very deep and profound path; non more so than that of the Old Ways, is that just when you believe all is safe and well and you have reached a pinnacle of sublime understandings, the path and what you perceived as your understandings can come right back at you and kick you hard in the face, as all that you ever knew is totally transformed into something deeper and more profound than you ever thought possible. Sometimes it can strike like a bolt of lightning on a once sturdy old oak tree, rendering you as the old oak shot right into two straight down the middle. Even if you see it coming you may have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and find yourself totally laid bare in the aftershock.

However, you do actually need these bolts from the blue, these reality checks, for they are the challenges and the safeguards sent to you for a reason; they are the hurdles we must all overcome in order to progress (or not) within our given paths. For it is certainly ‘Those That See And Observe’ in action; living up to their name. We may need to travel deep down and hit rock bottom more than once on this journey, facing the darkness and the uncertainty alone. Many times we can reach out in order to grasp the hidden thorn and be totally torn to shreds before eventually emerging into a new dawn of understandings. All our journeys are very different, very individual, even for walkers of  the same path and yet many journeys take us eventually to the same point of understandings at different points in time within the universe. Yet to go further than we ever thought possible, we must break through our own human led limitations and expectations, break out of that old mindset that we have been force-fed with in order to access that realm of ultimate perfection within the universe; access that place that seems so seductively near but is oh so very far away.

Knowledge is truth and truth is power yet with knowledge and truth comes big responsibilities as the mysteries are demystified and reality starts to unravel before our very eyes transforming into the reality we always knew within our hearts yet dared not to even think about. The darkest hour as we know, is just before dawn and a phrase that we may have referred to time and time again, but what does this really mean? When in this dark place we must relish and embrace all the lessons being offered there, equally the good and the bad, and learn from them as we have never learnt before;  we are being held there for a reason and cannot not move on until we have learnt those lessons laid out for us and the ‘powers that be’ within the universe deem us ready. So learn and grasp as you never have before, learn to shed that which you need to shed in order for transformation to happen, however hard, however painful it just has to be faced in order to move on and up again. Only you, the lone traveller on this particular journey can face it, it is a journey you must  face alone yet in facing it and learning from it you/those of us who are meant to, will surely all rise again.

Many will never tread the path of truth, many will have the ability to yet will never fulfill their purpose and many, many more will never even know of the journey or of the truths of existence and will never even give it a thought, yet that is the way it is meant to be; it is as it always has been and what will be, will indeed be. Only a few will ever truly see or hear that exquisite song of the piper at the gates of dawn heralding in an old truth to the Serpent Army. It is not a quick fix by any means, this journey can be a journey of many lifetimes and many folks will forever hide behind the facade of illusionment of the modern world, living for today, hard and fast  in a circle of false promises begetting the unfulfilment of their own manifested urobourous; getting nowhere very fast.

Whether or not we follow the Way of the Blood, the true Old Ways, for the transformation to truly happen on any level we must evolve from within in order for the first stages to begin and this can only happen when you remove all the baggage that humanity has thrown at you, when you clear your mind and you face yourself alone, as the one that you truly are and truly love what you see.

But the joy, the real joy of transformation is often totally and utterly silent, a very personal covenant of peace and joy between you and the Divine, so very personal and profound in fact that no utterances or affirmations in the world of men are ever needed. It is of a coming home to a home that once you had no concept of its existence; it is though of a very real world, a very real way of life that can only be accessed by the opening of your heart, by releasing the ego and by finding peace within and trust without for those who are there to guide and nurture you at every step of the way. Then and only then will real alchemical and physical transformation ever even begin to take place.

“I am the riddle of the whispering wind and will be with you till the end of days”

The End of Days

Can you taste the essence of live’s gone by?
Can you enter your soul with the eyes of a child?
What do you see there and what do you find?
A glimmer of stardust, a ray of hope,
Or gloom and despair and the hangman’s rope?
Crossing the threshold to the other side
Determines our destiny and reveals all the lies.
A shimmer of stardust in the midnight sky,
A portent of your future or from your past a cry?
The Temples of Humanity are raised by a few
And the Hallows of Night refuse to be found
As our footsteps echo on barren ground.
How far up the mountain can humanity climb
To free itself of the mortal grind?
For the stardust falls but upon a few,
Dare we pause, dare we catch it; tell me will it be you?
Or will you sink to the mud,
Bathed in your own human blood.
Trapped in a mindset that’s out of time,
Out of sinc with God’s given rhyme?
The wave is coming
The tide is now.
Ride it or fight it
Evolve or die.
So when you taste the essence of live’s gone by
And you free the child within your soul,
Will you sacrifice all when the time is right?
Will you pluck your future from the deathly night?
When the Dragon Breath finally fades
And you look into The Eye at the End of Days,
And those that “just are” spin you round and around
Can you honestly say your soul is unbound?

The Keeper of Scrolls 2008

Faith in Life

Finding Light and Faith

It always seems in life that just when everything is flowing along nice and smoothly that something will come along to shake one to the core of one’s very foundations and change the status quo. I don’t get complacent about life as time and tide has taught me otherwise and I certainly don’t take my blessings in life for granted for the same reason. I have worked hard for all I have achieved and have willingly made sacrifices along the way, maybe some things i should have done differently and decisions I have made in the past did not always seem to be the right ones at the time. Yet all the actions I have taken have led me to a point in time where I was/am most definitely meant to be, so those decisions and actions that I thought ill of at the time were the right ones in the big scheme of things as they set chains of events in motion that led me to where i am now.

So when hardships happen in life which they so often do, when sadness happens, when hope seems to fade, the most important aspect and lesson to learn is to never give up on one’s faith in life itself. For life is experiential, it is of learning, of accessing and gaining knowledge. Learning comes forth from our bleakest, lowest moments but we must allow it too of course. We can triumph over gloom and darkness by keeping an open mind and seeking out the hidden gems that gleam in the gloom. True, we may have to turn over many rocks and pebbles to find the gems but they are there, not always obvious but always there, gleaming in the dark.

It’s all about life, faith in life itself, whatever one’s spiritual path, it is the common experience of life itself which binds us altogether as one, for we are all here in time together. We all share this journey; some wisely while others not so, some will find the ultimate truths yet many will not; many were never meant to. A great many people live their lives under constant challenges; some handle the challenges with grace and positivity while others do just the opposite impacting on the lives of those close to them. I often wonder why this is, is it down to faith, faith in life, of ‘being  alive’ no matter how ill or in pain one is? Is it faith that pulls one up and through the gloom? Or is it the fact that everyone’s disposition is different and as human beings we all handle challenging situations differently? It is very hard to speculate on this, to put one’s self in a position of having one’s faith tested to the very extremes.

It has often been written that where there’s life there is always hope, but is there hope when a life is of constant pain with no remedy or cure from that pain? I have experienced acute pain for a few weeks at a time but have no idea how I would cope if it were to be long-term; would I still have faith in anything be it life or otherwise? I hope i am never tested in this way but as anything can happen in this life I am keeping my faith that i will never be in that position, though I know those close to me who are.

My lesson in this life could be to be non judgemental on how others manage while in bleak situations for it could be me; it could and can be ‘my test’, it could be a test for any of us at any time. So maybe within these tests ‘keeping the faith’ is the one thing we all need to be constant with; the one thing that WILL pull us through our hard times; it wont make the hard times, illnesses or pain go away but maybe it will change how we deal with it, for faith in life is never giving up and by that i mean never giving up on helping others either.

My faith in life and faith in myself too, means that I can help those who need it, even when they are in such a dark place they can not see the gems for themselves. For faith is the LIGHT in the dark for all of us.

‘The Keeper of Scrolls’

…….. or does it? I wonder how many times we have all pondered on this ageless question, time and time again i would think, as we endeavour to weave our way through life’s winding labyrinth, never knowing where the next twist or turn will take us. Often it seems as if the universe has forgotten about us completely and we have no idea where we fit in or where we are going, for in life it seems that nothing ever happens instantaneously and on our journey through it we have many lessons to be learned.

True, the universe throws many challenges on our doorsteps and yet they are all simply just waiting to be solved; yes they are indeed all very solvable yet maybe not in the ways expected though. The answers lie in the words of that now well used phrase  ‘thinking outside of the box’ or another of my favourite quotes “If you always do what you’ve alway done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got“. Simply put, break the patterns, stop the repetitives and the universe will answer your call. Push aside the veil of illusionment to find the answers that you seek; employ a bit of lateral thinking to break the chains. Mmm…..easier said that done i hear you shout!

If we have goals in life, a universal ‘Wish List’ to employ, an end result to travel towards then it does make things a lot easier, especially with keeping these goals uppermost in mind at all times. There is no harm at all in regularly having a little ‘one to one’ with the powers that be up at Universe HQ or even to have a rant and rave at them now and again but remember though, results take time and wont happen overnight. I know from much personal experience to never give up or to turn aside from that which you really wish for in life and over time it will eventually manifest for you in the mundane world. It may take many, many years mind, as time and tide has no significance in the great wide world of our magnificent universe, but if you have clarity, insight, patience and really know what it is you want then you may be surprised at the end result.

Nothing is easy and it is not necessarily meant to be so. We are all here on this earthly plane to learn wisdom and knowledge; the begatting of which is an interesting and enlightening  journey and at times not always easy to understand the whys and wherefores thrown our way. Keep love and trust uppermost in your heart when focussing on your goals;  love and trust in the fact that the universe will provide to those with an open heart. The natural state of humanity is that of challenge and inquisitiveness, that is how we learn and move on, by learning, overcoming obstacles and being a part of all the wonder before us. Humanity does strive for perfection yet perfection in a corporeal world is a myth, an illusion for us spiritual beings living out earthly time in a human form, for humanity by way of it own ‘fall’ is in an imperfect state of being. But we can make our little steps in the universe, we can bring our own state of ‘earthly perfection’ into our lives by striving ever onwards towards our goals, by having an open inquiring mind and to always be a part of the mystery.

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