…….. or does it? I wonder how many times we have all pondered on this ageless question, time and time again i would think, as we endeavour to weave our way through life’s winding labyrinth, never knowing where the next twist or turn will take us. Often it seems as if the universe has forgotten about us completely and we have no idea where we fit in or where we are going, for in life it seems that nothing ever happens instantaneously and on our journey through it we have many lessons to be learned.

True, the universe throws many challenges on our doorsteps and yet they are all simply just waiting to be solved; yes they are indeed all very solvable yet maybe not in the ways expected though. The answers lie in the words of that now well used phrase  ‘thinking outside of the box’ or another of my favourite quotes “If you always do what you’ve alway done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got“. Simply put, break the patterns, stop the repetitives and the universe will answer your call. Push aside the veil of illusionment to find the answers that you seek; employ a bit of lateral thinking to break the chains. Mmm…..easier said that done i hear you shout!

If we have goals in life, a universal ‘Wish List’ to employ, an end result to travel towards then it does make things a lot easier, especially with keeping these goals uppermost in mind at all times. There is no harm at all in regularly having a little ‘one to one’ with the powers that be up at Universe HQ or even to have a rant and rave at them now and again but remember though, results take time and wont happen overnight. I know from much personal experience to never give up or to turn aside from that which you really wish for in life and over time it will eventually manifest for you in the mundane world. It may take many, many years mind, as time and tide has no significance in the great wide world of our magnificent universe, but if you have clarity, insight, patience and really know what it is you want then you may be surprised at the end result.

Nothing is easy and it is not necessarily meant to be so. We are all here on this earthly plane to learn wisdom and knowledge; the begatting of which is an interesting and enlightening  journey and at times not always easy to understand the whys and wherefores thrown our way. Keep love and trust uppermost in your heart when focussing on your goals;  love and trust in the fact that the universe will provide to those with an open heart. The natural state of humanity is that of challenge and inquisitiveness, that is how we learn and move on, by learning, overcoming obstacles and being a part of all the wonder before us. Humanity does strive for perfection yet perfection in a corporeal world is a myth, an illusion for us spiritual beings living out earthly time in a human form, for humanity by way of it own ‘fall’ is in an imperfect state of being. But we can make our little steps in the universe, we can bring our own state of ‘earthly perfection’ into our lives by striving ever onwards towards our goals, by having an open inquiring mind and to always be a part of the mystery.