What mysteries do they long to tell, what secret truths their powers unlock, within our minds where magic dwells?”

Wormwood for bites and stings

It is oh so very hot at the moment and with the hot weather well into its stride, our gardens and parks are alive with various small creatures of the wing, constantly endeavouring to make a tasty meal of us! Even as pet owners we are very much aware at this time of year that our beloved pets do come with many extra ‘visitors’ attached! So then what can we do ourselves about these insect bites which can so often prove to be very painful and irritating to us?

One of the most useful herbs to have around at this time of year is Wormwood which is a shrub native to North Africa but of course is now found growing in the UK. It has grey to white stems that are covered in fine silk hairs and grows between thirty to ninety centimetre tall.

Wormwood Physical Use: Wormwood has strong antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is best used for the treatment of hepatitis, fever, liver, gallbladder and general infections. When smouldered in a room it will help to boost the immune system and aid the clearing of toxins. Very important for this time of year, is to make it into a paste with olive oil for arthritis, skin conditions and for insect bites and stings.

Wormwood has many magical uses too and for those of us practising and teaching the Templar path, extensive herbal knowledge on the healing and magical use of herbs has been received as a part of our in-depth training. Please ask if interested on finding out more about the uses of herbs and stones from a unique Templar/Craft perspective.

Warning: can be addictive. May cause nausea, vomiting and insomnia. People with epilepsy should avoid.

Templar Teachings from ‘The Keeper of Scrolls’