An ancient clay tablet

So what exactly do we consider to be natural in this world today and what precisely does it mean to follow a natural path; a path of nature? Many folks today who follow a pagan spirituality connect deeply to the seasons of the year, honouring  the wheel of the year by celebrating at the eight quarter days and cross quarter days; the fire festivals and equinoxes. Although these dates and days can vary accordingly to tradition, custom or culture, they are the days of sacred connection and are deeply embedded in the natural cycles and energies of this planet.

Over the centuries of time, mankind’s perception of what is natural cannot fail to have changed as wisdom and knowledge of the world has constantly evolved and expanded and with it humanities relationship to the natural world. Yet the world has always been what is was meant to be; the living, evolving planet on which we all depend for our nourishment and our life – it is that which sustains us. What we as human beings achieve and learn whilst living on this planet influences our own individual perceptions of the world and this also changes from generation to generation. In actual fact we all do ‘create our own realities’, realities that differ from centuries to centuries, generation to generation, individual to individual yet the world on which we all depend remains steadfast and very much alive, despite all that mankind throws at it..

As far as caring for and looking after this planet goes ‘guardianship’ is something that we all as spiritual beings are very much aware of and many of us share a deep sense of responsibility to do all we can to preserve what we have here on earth. To me the Earth is indeed the shinning  jewel in the crown of the universe – it is the enduring ‘mothership’.

Yet on a universal level we are but a very small part of the universal truths and as human beings we are only a very small part of the overall plan. Life of earth is very, very precious and yet this gift is often wasted by many who sadly fail to realise that we are all a part of a ‘whole’; all connected by the threads of the past, present and future that bind us together as one.

Waves of energy resonate within our lives and within our world and nothing is ever disconnected; every thing we do, every action we take has an effect on someone or something. But this is the natural order of things, it is the physics of the universe; how it all works on a metaphysical level is the real natural order of our world, for without the physics, the numbers, the maths so to speak, there would be nothing. As is written in many sacred texts, order came out of chaos and it is that order that makes our world and the universe in which it resides work. It is also that which makes our world such a beautiful, magical and wonderous planet on which to live.


‘The Keeper of Scrolls’