Finding Light and Faith

It always seems in life that just when everything is flowing along nice and smoothly that something will come along to shake one to the core of one’s very foundations and change the status quo. I don’t get complacent about life as time and tide has taught me otherwise and I certainly don’t take my blessings in life for granted for the same reason. I have worked hard for all I have achieved and have willingly made sacrifices along the way, maybe some things i should have done differently and decisions I have made in the past did not always seem to be the right ones at the time. Yet all the actions I have taken have led me to a point in time where I was/am most definitely meant to be, so those decisions and actions that I thought ill of at the time were the right ones in the big scheme of things as they set chains of events in motion that led me to where i am now.

So when hardships happen in life which they so often do, when sadness happens, when hope seems to fade, the most important aspect and lesson to learn is to never give up on one’s faith in life itself. For life is experiential, it is of learning, of accessing and gaining knowledge. Learning comes forth from our bleakest, lowest moments but we must allow it too of course. We can triumph over gloom and darkness by keeping an open mind and seeking out the hidden gems that gleam in the gloom. True, we may have to turn over many rocks and pebbles to find the gems but they are there, not always obvious but always there, gleaming in the dark.

It’s all about life, faith in life itself, whatever one’s spiritual path, it is the common experience of life itself which binds us altogether as one, for we are all here in time together. We all share this journey; some wisely while others not so, some will find the ultimate truths yet many will not; many were never meant to. A great many people live their lives under constant challenges; some handle the challenges with grace and positivity while others do just the opposite impacting on the lives of those close to them. I often wonder why this is, is it down to faith, faith in life, of ‘being  alive’ no matter how ill or in pain one is? Is it faith that pulls one up and through the gloom? Or is it the fact that everyone’s disposition is different and as human beings we all handle challenging situations differently? It is very hard to speculate on this, to put one’s self in a position of having one’s faith tested to the very extremes.

It has often been written that where there’s life there is always hope, but is there hope when a life is of constant pain with no remedy or cure from that pain? I have experienced acute pain for a few weeks at a time but have no idea how I would cope if it were to be long-term; would I still have faith in anything be it life or otherwise? I hope i am never tested in this way but as anything can happen in this life I am keeping my faith that i will never be in that position, though I know those close to me who are.

My lesson in this life could be to be non judgemental on how others manage while in bleak situations for it could be me; it could and can be ‘my test’, it could be a test for any of us at any time. So maybe within these tests ‘keeping the faith’ is the one thing we all need to be constant with; the one thing that WILL pull us through our hard times; it wont make the hard times, illnesses or pain go away but maybe it will change how we deal with it, for faith in life is never giving up and by that i mean never giving up on helping others either.

My faith in life and faith in myself too, means that I can help those who need it, even when they are in such a dark place they can not see the gems for themselves. For faith is the LIGHT in the dark for all of us.

‘The Keeper of Scrolls’