“Upon the ground the gifts were hidden, the magics left so all could find.

Use them well and ye shall see the truth before your eyes is given”


Use the bark for the relief of muscle pain

White Willow

Having a few important and powerful herbs at ones disposable as part of a well stocked healing or magical ‘cupboard’ will mean that one always has the correct herbs ready for use for whatever potions are needed at any one particular time. Templar knowledge of the magical and healing properties of herbs does differ  from that of a medical herbalist or a modern-day pagan and the knowledge reaches far back to ancient times when such wisdom was common among mankind.

For it is the sacred  ‘energies’ contained within the plant and the universe without that we work with. The combination of the  outer universal energies and that contained within the plant and the knowledge of their use by the practitioner are utilised at a high level within Templar healing and magic.

White Willow Bark is very easy to obtain in the uk, whether naturally harvested or purchased ready prepared, it is indeed a very useful herb to have in ones ‘cupboard’. White Willow Bark is native to Europe and Asia and is considered to be the essence of relieving pain and in particular for use within reducing fever.

It can be ground into a powder to reduce fevers and to calm pain and can be made into a paste or massage lotion with olive oil and thus massaged into painful joints and muscles. Used in this way it will also sooth the pain of rheumatism. White Willow Bark can also be used in the treatment of nausea, infection, sexual problems and lethargy.

The White Willow Bark can also be combined with other soothing herbs such as lavender and a very small amount of camphor to produce a very effective and efficient pain killing massage potion/lotion. As a part of  Templar training one is taught how to prepare, cleanse and charge herbs in a sacred way prior to use, thus rendering them very potent indeed.

Magically, white willow bark may be used for healing and love spells and may be used for visions of the future, raising power and cleansing space. All under the watchful eye of a trained tutor and practitioner of course.

Templar teachings from ‘The Keeper of Scrolls’