With fiery breathe and iron clad wings on flight of darkest night

From ages past, across all time I hear you call, you call to me

You call me home to thee

From oceans dark and deep abyss, through stormy tempest night

You spread your wings to fan my soul to awake in me the flight

To travel on to worlds below known thus only to you

Go take my soul to Shadowland so it may taste and it may see

The devouring of the Dark

And may it see what feedeth thee and what there lies below?

Dark lover of the underworld i come to thee to be set free

I need the night you so embrace

Give me the power; give me the taste

Thy soul and mine in dark embrace

You are the power, you are the fear

You take, you break, no compromise

You are the dark, the dark in me

Of mortal realm you do transcend

You take the breath, you sear the flesh and relish those who fall

Your iron clad will doth never yield; you light the flame in me

Oh Lord of Night; my dark desire

Oh Nergal come to me


‘The Keeper of Scrolls’