Passion and desire resonates deep within                                                                                  

Soul truths surface and submerge in a cycle of becoming

Stirrings that quicken my being with fresh new light

I crave renewal as I walk upon the slippery lip of darkness

My immortal one I am under your spell

Your dark embrace quells all doubts and irrelevant thoughts within me

Take me as your own

Devour my fragile shell as I willingly offer you my body and soul

I sink into a darkness pungent with risen death

Yet alive with life

Memories bound in blood and bone and revelation

Deep yearning to connect to kindred

My dark dreams weave in and out of  forgotten forests

The land reveals  seven discarded tines bathed in moonlight

Majestic and solitary upon the cool damp earth

He was no match for you my Lady and offered all that he was and was yet to become

The time for mortals to sleep and dream is nigh

To return to that airless womb

The eternal palace of comfort and peace

I yield and sink further into my dreams

Embracing my immortal maker

She who waits with kisses so seductive

All reasoning lost as the sweet darkness surrounds me with stark comforting coldness

I surrender to the death and decay of my humanity

No compromise, no bargain

Further and further down I sink

Numb, cradled in the void,

I yield hungrily to your dark embrace, my lady

At one with all that ever was

Please leave me waiting not

The yearning of existence becomes me as I sup my mother’s blood

Yet it is She who takes the sacrifice whether offered willingly or not

My blood in the sacred chalice

Use it as you will, My Lady

Will my shadow be revealed to atone for all that was?

My Sweet Queen, she offers the sacred renewal

Sweet bloodstained kisses from my yearning lips I offer

A cycle fulfilled, a yearning soul reborn

May 2012