It is certainly a time of great change; a time of evolving; a time of truths and traveling through the degrees of LIGHT can certainly bring about great changes to all those on this path. Vibrations are speeding up causing many to seek out the truths and those truths are now being revealed. Many come to this path for various reasons – some stay awhile yet others do not – this it is all meant to be. When the universe calls one answers but it needs to be from an open heart when travelling upon the sphere of time and beyond.

We are warriors, sure but of a spiritual nature – here to guide all those who wish to, to evolve and to seek enlightenment. The universe is full of wonders and surprises and to become a warrior one has to let go into being in order to light the Black Flame. Who are we? Where are we going? Who can we become? Interesting concepts and just the type of questions that many are now asking.

We are all humble servants of the universe/multiverse and all have a part to play and yet by evolving we can go deeper in and deeper still, become stronger and attain that which has always been there but yet has remained hidden within the world of men for many centuries.

The eve of the tide is nigh, who cares to ride?

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