Maybe there was a time, long long ago when vampires walked the earth. Not the kind from Holywood movies but the kind that took on human form and lived amongst us. Unbeknown.
Maybe there was a time long long ago that the people knew this and lived with this knowledge. Knowledge now lost for all time.
Maybe there was a time long long ago when knowledge itself was different and what was known then, is now no longer known. Creatures not of our understanding flourished amongst us.
Maybe there was a time long long ago, before the modern world, a time wiped from the history books, for fear of what modern humanity would make of it.
Maybe part of that world still survives.
Maybe there was a time long long ago when the Old Ways were the only ways and folks respected that and were ok with it.
Embraced it.
I often return to these times in my dreams, in my night journeys becoming one of them, following my blood tides and blood ties.
It is all there, like pages in a book.
Just as it ever was.
Open yet hidden from most.
Slip through. Shapeshift into a reality that awaits the traveler.
What was, can be again.
Past and future are all one.
Times peeling bell forever rings me home
As I slip into that magical void between the earthly years.
Embracing whatever comes my way.
Respecting the hidden ways of old, the lessons given.
For long long ago is also yet to be
And what once was, is now simply hidden within realities placed outside of human consciousness…
‘The Keeper of Scrolls’
1st December 2021