Could this be our future?

Could this be our future?

Everything in the universe is in constant motion as that is the way of all things and nothing ever stays the same for long be it in nature, in our lives and in the wider universe. Over the past few years one cannot have failed to notice that the sightings of  other ‘bodies’ in the sky, especially the sighting of the so called two suns have dramatically increased and the internet is full of such sighting and videos; evidence from all over the planet. Although a lot of the videos are very blurry and some shots simply look like gaps in the clouds with light shinning through or even camera glare; they are all non the less very fascinating, very thought provoking and prove that many people are awaking to the fact that not everything in our solar system is as it was once thought to be. I myself have seen these ‘gaps’ in the clouds and have wondered is it or isn’t it? Was it my imagination that caught a glimpse of something else? However photos and videos that are just too perfect and clear will probably turn out to be fakes so one has to trust ones own judgement really.

From an ancient clay tablet,showing that the ancient peoples of the world had knowledge of the 'stars'

From an ancient clay tablet,showing that the ancient peoples of the world had knowledge of the ‘stars’

Of course those of us on paths already addressing universal issues, changes and truths are already aware and awakened to the fact that much is about to change and that among many things to happen, a planet known as Nibiru is said to be making a debut into our solar system on its 3600 year cycle. Whether it is Nibiru or not, or possibly a comet we will no doubt find out. So is it Nibiru or a comet that we have been seeing of late in our skies as the ‘two suns’ or something else entirely? There is certainly a lot happening ‘out there’ and it does make perfect sense that as our solar system spirals its way around our galaxy, the Milky Way, that we are bound to encounter other planets or objects that we have not met with before.

I myself have often with my naked eye seen sightings of something large and bright which looks very unusual in shape and colour – could it be Nibiru with all its ‘companions’ in tow? Of course it goes without saying that several things are happening and the universe is in constant flux as it always has been. We are, as planets, all interconnected as a whole working system on many levels and the heavens as we know them are totally changing and it as much a reality that we are moving towards other planets, as much as they are moving towards us.

In respect of our solar system on a spiral course of motion, it is quite possible that every now and again one of the well know planets and lesser known too will spiral into view and then out again. The meaning of the word ‘planet’ is wanderer or traveller so then it should not be any surprise when a new and long lost ‘traveller’ comes to greet us from afar. Also the fact that we are overdue for another pole shift adds to the pending excitement; just imagine what it would be like to view the sky completely different from before, for when the ‘sky becomes undone’ we will not be viewing it as we do now.

Another theory is that there is a very large star about to go super nova; is in the throes of burning up and thus is showing up brighter than usual in the night skies. Official bodies such as the BBC and NASA have also reported two suns and mentioned Nibiru but of course one knows that the real truths are to be found elsewhere.

Of course there are many prophecies from cultures and seers all over the world throughout all time, that tell of bright objects appearing in the sky as in the ‘Wormwood Prophecy’ which ether herald doom or a brand new beginning; a brand new dawn. The Sumerian clay tablets tell of this too and prove that the ancients had knowledge of the ‘stars’ and of the solar system which went back way before out current cycle of knowledge.

Therefore to expect an event; to have knowledge of it is halfway to being prepared, even though we may not be one hundred percent sure of what the event will actually be, we can have some good ideas. We need to await with open minds and open hearts, and something I have always said to people is to have the ability to actually recognize the signs that are being presented to you in the ‘hear and now’ for they could simply pass you by without you ever noticing..….

Ancient Sumerian clay tablet showing the 'two suns' or Nibiru

Ancient Sumerian clay tablet showing the ‘two suns’ or Nibiru

Adueni/moonwillow 2013

(just a very brief introduction based on my Craft knowledge.

Student of the path are able to go much deeper in )