Slimey toads and slippery newts come frolic here with bats and cats,                                                 
Witches all come dance with glee around the Sabbat fires with me.
We’ll dance until our bodies break and chant the spell that calls the dead.
When fire burns bright in forest dark we sing the endless song of night;
The endless words go on and on and around the fire we chant our song.
Dawn til dusk and dusk til dawn tis all the same when witchly born.
With eyes aglow we see the world of  lifted veil and magics bright,
The fire doth burn and so we dance a merry dance on deathly night.
Dare ye come and dance our dance, we don’t want much, want much of you.
A soul…some blood… tis but a trife, come share our dance; our dance of life.
Samhain 2012