‘If we look to the stars to see the sights, the stars will come down with fists to fight’


Ahead of humanity in this very special and extremely challenging year are interesting times indeed; many folks have numerous different theories on what this year of 2012 actually means. One thing is for sure, great changes do most certainly lie ahead and the world as we know it will never be the same again. For the world today is certainly not what most people think, right from the very start of the origins of humanity, to the true purpose of mankind, to what is going on under our very noses right now in respect of world affairs, we have never been told the truths, simply very watered down versions of the truth. Yet for those who would seek, the truth certainly can be found.

Years pass by, people come and go upon the sphere of time and this planet our earth, somehow always seems to endure the ravages rent upon it by mankind, yet for how much longer? Over the centuries mankind has waged many destructive wars on each other; all of which have been relentless and pointless as no lessons have ever been gained. Man has stolen from within the earth all of that which sustains the health of the planet and has over the centuries caused destruction, pain and grief not only to the planet but also to its innocent wildlife. One wonders where it will all end – yet end it surely will. Can we even try and imagine a world before the greed, ego and lies of mankind bought so much harm and chaos to the planet? Would we like to consider a time after all this has been caused to cease?

It has always been told in times past that there are Keepers and Watchers, often known by the name of Nephilim, who walk amongst us, carefully keeping the balance and overseeing the ‘affairs of men’. If this were to be true, just what would they be making of the current world situation; the current crisis? Would they be gathering their armies’ right here, right now as mankind fulfils his current cycle of destruction? Humanity was never destined to act in this out of control way and I for one would take great delight and joy in the knowledge that the Old Ones were on their way back and were about to take charge again.

When the time is right mankind will have to face redemption and to atone for all his misdoings. How will he fare and will the Old Ones  be kind with him?  And if they are kind will mankind have learnt a valuable lesson? But if the Old Ones are not kind by human standards but are kind to the planet itself, what then? Is mankind rapidly running out of precious time? Given a choice, who would save mankind or who would save the planet? Is it a choice of the bigger picture or the little picture; the A movie or the B movie? And is the choice really ours to make? Maybe that is just what the Keepers and Watchers are at this moment considering, for saving humanity puts us right back at square one where we started, yet saving the planet could indeed be a new beginning of a brand new cycle.

Yet the veil, the illusion that hangs hard and fast in our world of lies, which we are drip fed with daily is challenged by only a few individuals who wish to know the world as it truly is.

When one considers the mainstream religions of the world what does one find there? One finds a plethora of myth and dogma which all hide the real truths from the people in order to put their own false messages across. They all hide the real truths from everyone because they do not want the truths to be out there; it is a way of being in control, keeping people forever in the dark with pretty made up stories. The whole ethos of certain mainstream religions are just one big illusion and yet so many thousands of folks buy into it. Why? One only has to put all the facts together to solve the jigsaw for oneself to see what is really going on, but very few people actually ever do, preferring to forever wear the blindfold of illusion, living in a false hope of being saved one day.

In the past, great teachers, often known as messengers have known of and taught the truths of existence yet their messages have been silenced in riddles and rhymes, their knowledge hidden away in pages of holy scriptures; their teachings transformed into false religions. Many paths today still create and allow people to buy into a vision of a past that never, ever existed and so thus the lies continue. Yet the truths that were once taught are out there, they are still being taught for those who truly seek, for those who will truly find.

Chances do come along that will allow us to make change, teachers and guides come along at certain perfect points in time, but is the individual who must take the steps, grasp the opportunity to walk out of the darkness of the mundane world. Time is so swiftly passing by and who can not say that as the Old Ones observe the affairs of mankind and duly raise their chalices, certain foretold cycles will come to completion and the truth will surely be revealed for all to see.

“And so it came to pass that the world of men transformed into L.i.g.h.t”

‘The Keeper of Scrolls’