After a full days research and investigations at Borley Church on March 27th 2016, we certainly came home with plenty to consider and to digest. It had been such a truly amazing day where many anomalies had occurred; being unusual to say the lest. While still fresh in our minds; to help with further research we decided to try to record our immediate thoughts there and then…


(This is basically an audio video as my camera was sadly malfunctioning)


So despite the information we had been given by the ‘gardener’, w subsequently discovered that Borley Rectory and site of many strange happenings was not in actual fact, as we suspected way down the road at the bottom of the hill, but was in fact just across the road from Borley Church; which of course makes perfect sense.

This aerial photo below shows the correct location:-

real rectorysite

The old rectory which had burned down, was as one can see, well within walking distance of the church and where it needed to be. At the back of the church where we were filming on the day, is the site of the very first rectory, also needing to be near the church. So the gardener did sort of lie to us as he said the rectory was down the hill where two bungalows are now built; but why did he say this?

Directly opposite the church there are in fact two bungalows but not built on the old rectory ground itself. The  Rectory site is grassed over and the original vegetable patch is the only remaining evidence. The vegetable patch is however still used by the first bungalow which seems very strange.

This is where things start to get very interesting, for upon coming home and doing our internet research in respect of all the folks who in the past had a strong connection to the Church and the Rectory, yet who are no longer around today – we were in for a great shock and many revelations to say the lest! Even though ‘something’ on the day told us that things were not quite right and events did not seem to add up; especially the folks we met on the day whom we wondered – were they real people?

They say seeing is believing and this is what we saw…..


price1           HP Gardener.

                       Harry Price – Ghost Hunter                      Hary Price – Gardener?

As the photos above show Harry Price was the original investigator, yet also this is the exact image of our mysterious gardener in the present day.

So the gardener = Harry Price (Ghost Hunter) 17.01.1881 – 29.03.1948.

He has been dead for 68 years! But seemingly well and truly alive!




Mollie Goldney


This photo shows (on the right – looking at it) Mollie Goldney, who was also (or so it appeared) the lady in the second car, that appeared out of nowhere!

On the far left (looking at the picture) the gardener we met on the day, who also appeared out of nowhere. This picture is 1939!!!!!!

Mollie Goldney was a Psychic Researcher and died in 1992. She has been dead 24 years!

Mollie has/had a wealth of ESP government research papers that she has in trust NOT to be published until the year 2020, this was her direct (strange) request.



Also in the photo, next to Mollie is the Reverend Lionel Foyster with his wife Marianne.

Yet he was the man who immediately intoduced himself as Steve upon our arrival; the man walking around with his binoculars! He also said to us that he is often there at the church which would make total sense if he had been the Reverend of the church!

So Steve = The Reverend Lionel Foyster: 1878 – 18.04.1945. He has been dead 71 years!

In the picture also is the Foysters adopted daughter, Adelaide and the Lodger’s son, Frank Junior.






Lord Mark Kerr-Pearce who was the ‘official observer’ for Harry Price

He was also the second man in the car, we met on the day with Mollie

Man in Car = Lord Mark Kerr-Pearce (Psychic Researcher) Died 2005 (Born 1818)  He has been dead 11 years!


Foyers and price


This photo above clearly shows Rev Foyers (Steve) and Harry Price (the gardener) burying the bones of the murdered lady; exactly where in our video,  our head investigator Alek said they were buried, before actually finding this photo! After the bones had been buried here, was when all the ‘happenings’ started to occur in the church.

Putting together all our findings; there is certainly a mystery waithing to be solved and one which we will in due course return to.


Clearly the ‘gardener’ was looking out for us as he told us a white lie so we would not be harmed.

It is clear that the entities (ghosts) of today (27th March 2016) all welcomed us, especially inside the church itself, but they did not want us to go to the rectory site across the road.

Note to Priory Team: Clearly we should take note of that warning and not attempt to go to the site.

What is of big interest is that Alek, our head investigator, discovered on the evening of March 17th 2016, that the wife of Sir Edward Waldegrave (1517-1561) is rested in the tomb in Borley Church next to his wife (Alek’s relative) Frances Waldegrave, which explains our encounters of the day and why the entities were welcoming for us and how by amazement we were freely able to enter the church.

DSC04850             DSC04849

 Frances: wife of Edward and relative of Alek                     Edward: husband of Frances


Points to note:

There is a direct connection between Borley Church (built in 984 CE) and the Magnetic Hill in Warboys, if you choose to remain on this Quest – Then more shall be discovered.



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is a direct connection of Borley Church (built in 984 CE) and the Magnetic Hill in Warboys, if you choose to remain on this Quest – Then more shall be discovered.

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